Tom Brady reportedly ends the disastrous night in San Francisco without a shower: “I don’t give a f— about”

 Tom Brady reportedly ends the disastrous night in San Francisco without a shower: “I don’t give a f— about”


A devastated Tom Brady told reporters after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, “I’m sure you guys have as many fun questions as I had answers.”

Brady’s responses showed how furious the veteran quarterback is, but according to one story, he left Levi Stadium without taking a shower.

“Some things I don’t give a f— about, at this point,” Brady told the San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Silver when asked about his decision to skip out on a post-game shower. “F— that. I’m going home.”

What started out as a homecoming for Brady turned into a nightmare, as he went 34 of 55 for 253 yards and one touchdown in the third quarter to avoid being totally shut out by the Niners’ top-ranked defense.

“I love having everyone here, and it’s nice for my family to come, and I think they had a lot of people from the neighborhood come,” Brady said during his post-game presser. “That’s not going to change the outcome of the game, unfortunately, just because you’ve got a cheering section.”

“I wish we could have done a lot better job.”

As the rain dropped on the field and the Bucs started to sink deeper, Brady informed Silver that he assumed his support base had left. “I’m sure they left, is what they did,” Brady said. “I don’t want them out there in this s—. It was horrible. We sucked.”

Brady’s two interceptions to start the second half resulted in the Bucs falling down 35-0. Only a deflected touchdown throw from Brady to Russell Gage late in the third quarter kept Tampa Bay from being shut out completely.

“I think everyone’s gotta — it’s easy to say — everyone’s got to just play better,” Brady said of the Bucs’ next four games. “We just have not played consistently well very often. We haven’t played it for four quarters. Have we played it a little bit? At times, not today at all, but in some games, we play well for five minutes and don’t play well for 55 minutes. Some games we played pretty well for a half.” “We just have not played consistently well for a game.”

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