Russell Wilson’s price tag revealed as more NFL teams show interest in Seahawks QB

 Russell Wilson’s price tag revealed as more NFL teams show interest in Seahawks QB

Russell Wilson’s price tag revealed as more NFL teams show interest in Seahawks QB originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson started a whirlwind of different topics and angles when he voiced his frustration with getting hit too much with Dan Patrick earlier this month.

When the news hit of that, the word was out that the Seahawks were unhappy with him being so vocal about how he was voicing his displeasure.

Obviously, speculation started to arise that maybe the relationship between the two is over and that a trade for Wilson is somewhat being worked out.

Over these last few days, it seems that teams from around the league have been asking if Wilson is indeed available for a trade.

No real word on if GM John Schneider has considered a deal involving the Seahawks star, but we at least know what he is asking for if teams do want to proceed.

NFL Media reporter Michael Silver spoke with Andrew Siciliano about what the starting point is to actually have a conversation about a trade for Wilson, and it’s about three first-round picks.

What’s realistic price if the Seahawks were to trade Russell Wilson? I think you start with something like three-first round draft picks. That’s kind of the message that other teams believe would be conveyed.

Michael Silver

It’s interesting to see at least some type of scenario where if Wilson were to be traded, three-first round picks would be the start.

A few days earlier, there wasn’t even a shot or a chance that Wilson was going anywhere. But now? It seems that Schneider is at least setting a bar so that other teams may know what it will take to start a conversation.

No reports have been made just yet on if any team is even willing to give away that many first-round picks.

If a trade for Wilson were in the works, the Seahawks would have to take $39 million of dead money going into their cap. Which is a lot of money that the organization would have to let go of for breaking the back for their franchise quarterback.

Wilson is certainly worth the price tag if we are looking at what he has done with the Seahawks. The Rams gave away two first-round picks for Matthew Stafford to get him to LA, and Wilson has been to two Super Bowls in his nine-year career.

He also had a career year with the Seahawks last year despite not going deep into the playoffs. He finished the year with 4,212 passing yards, 40 touchdowns, and just 13 interceptions.

If teams are willing to sacrifice that many first-round picks for Wilson, they should be well-assured that their franchise will be making the playoffs with him leading the way.

The Seahawks have missed the playoffs only once since Wilson took over the starting gig in 2012.

A trade most likely won’t happen this offseason for Wilson, but something could happen next year if things don’t get fixed in Seattle.

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