LeBron James Has 1-Word Reaction To Kyrie Irving Injury

 LeBron James Has 1-Word Reaction To Kyrie Irving Injury

LeBron James is among those who have taken to social media in the wake of Kyrie Irving’s injury in Game 4 of the second round playoff series on Sunday.

Irving appeared to suffer a painful ankle injury late in the first half of the Brooklyn Nets’ game against the Milwaukee Bucks. The All-Star point guard was in visible pain before hobbling off the floor and into the locker room.

This is the latest crushing injury for the Nets, who are also without star guard James Harden, who continues to recover from a hamstring injury.

According to ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Irving was in serious pain as he made his way into the locker room.

“Kyrie was in significant pain while talking to the training staff – twice he asked them to stop touching his ankle until he could take the pressure, and when they first tried to help him up, he asked them to stop due to pain. He’s back in the locker room now,” she reports.

LeBron shared his reaction on Twitter to his former teammate’s injury:

There have been way too many injuries in the NBA this season. Hopefully Irving’s ankle injury is not as serious as it looked.

The Bucks lead the Nets by five points at halftime of Game 4. Brooklyn leads the seven game series, 2-1.

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