Best Ways to Work on Your Golf Swing From Home

 Best Ways to Work on Your Golf Swing From Home

With its emphasis on wide-open spaces, it might seem like golf would be one of the last sports to be affected by the current health crisis, but that’s just another sign of how serious this thing is. Depending on which state you’re in, access to golf courses is restricted if not outright forbidden — and even where it isn’t, you might have a hard time finding a link partner.


Have you been trying to get your friends into golf for years, but can’t get them to commit to a full nine holes? Use the time-honored bait of drinks, combined with a no-stress putting green that takes minutes to set up and play. PutterBall is a portable green that you can roll out at any backyard barbecue or hangout session. It cleverly incorporates the skill and tense anticipation of putting into the raucous structure of a beer pong game. It’s a great way to practice your short game under the most intense pressure — and maybe even a little liquid handicap.

Chippo Golf Game

Here’s another hybrid game that’s sure to take over your Sundays. If tossing around some beanbags isn’t challenging enough for your friends, try sinking the same miniature baskets of cornhole with a chip shot. The Chippo kit comes with two boards, chipping mats and high-density foam balls. Break out the wedge, and you’ve got a nail-biting competition between drinking buddies or a meditative practice session on lazy afternoons.

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