5 Ways to Run Like an Olympian

 5 Ways to Run Like an Olympian

Tyson GayTo run like an Olympian, one should follow the ways of Tyson Gay who is a world champion sprinter in the 100mm.

Make your form perfect

Running fast is directly related to the sprinting form you have.  You shall run with a tall posture and with your back straight. Your shoulders should be relaxed at that time. One thing which you should be sure of is that your arms are pumping while running. This way is one of the best ways among the 5 ways to run like an Olympian.

Make Your Stride Open

Before you go on the track, you should aim to build strong thighs and glutes to run like an Olympian.  According to Gay, this is the main thing where the power actually comes from.  You shall begin by combining barbell dead lifts, barbell step-ups and hip raises in your daily routine to make your hamstrings and glutes strong.

Speed Training

You should train like a professional if you want to run like an Olympian. This is the toughest of the 5 ways to run like an Olympian. Sprint the stairs of the stadium. You shall start at the bottom and then run up fast enough that your heart is pumping fast. Once you go back to bottom, start the process again.  Repeat this procedure for like 20 minutes. The other thing you should do is doing knee drills in which you shall put your right knee up on your chest side and then ground it quickly.  Then you should do box jumps in which you shall put a box behind you and then with the help of both the feet, jump off to the box to run like an Olympian

Capitalizing on Core strength

A secret weapon on the track is your core strength to run like an Olympian. The hard rock abs doesn’t only keep your form perfect but also they play a very nice role in how quickly you can just raise your knees and how quickly you can just turn the stride.  According to Gay, one should keep up the stability and should keep up their stomach tight.  You should aim to train for your core to a minimum of 3 times a week and you shall make sure that you don’t miss to strengthen your oblique muscles run like an Olympian.  In order to do that you shall do oblique crunch with the help of the Swiss-ball.

You shall straight hit on the price

One mistake which is usually done is to look at the side and see the other runners. By scoping the competition, you won’t just lose your physical form, but also your mental form. Instead of doing this, choose a point straight and go towards it with full power to run like an Olympian. This means that keep your eye towards the finish line only.

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