TV Chefs Encourage Us to Eat Fatty Dishes

 TV Chefs Encourage Us to Eat Fatty Dishes

TV Chefs Encourage Us to Eat Fatty Dishes

Health is wealth is a well known proverb but many people do not know how to protect this wealth. Good food and perfect diet is the key to healthy life. You will become fat and good for nothing if you are following the diet plan that is full of fast food and sugar intake.

The trend of celebrity chefs has become very common in past few years. These TV chefs or their cooking books offer you every kind of dish no matter how that dish is healthful or harmful for you. They just want to become popular through their recipes and no doubt, they succeed in doing so. If you usually follow celebrity chef dishes there are more chances for you to become fat. Researchers have also found that many recipes books of chefs contained “undesirable level” of saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt that could be injurious to health.  As you know that a fat person is unable to enjoy his life at its peak. He usually looks dull and lazy. Moreover, he is also unable to do his daily routine work on his own. So do not eat the fatty dishes that TV chefs encourage you to eat.

• Fatty Acids

Fatty acids, if taken in excess, can make you even fatter. Men who do gym for their body building should keep away from the food that contain fatty acids in excess because if they will increase the amount of acids that can make them fat, then there is no advantage of the gym. Studies have proved that chefs’ dishes usually contain fatty acids at undesirable level that can ruin our health. Not all dishes, but many dishes are short listed in the research so it would be better to avoid the TV chefs recipes that can made you fat and bulky.

• Sugar level

TV chefs usually made occasional dishes like cake for birthdays’, desserts, brownie etc. All these food items contain sugar in large amount that can increase the sugar level of your body that can make you a diabetic patient. There is also butter and cream in these types of recipe that can make you fat. TV chefs encourage you to eat these types of dishes that are not healthful if taken in excess.

• Salt Intake

Researchers have found that many dishes that are made by TV chefs have high salt level in them. It is found during the research that the nutritional value of salt is deviated from the national healthy recommendations. Excess use of salt in different dishes makes you fat and unhealthful. TV chefs made spicy dishes just for the taste but not put the health concerns before it.

• Carbohydrates

Excess of everything is bad and so in the case of carbohydrates as well. To remain physically fit and healthy, you should eliminate all the food items that contain carbohydrates in excess. TV chefs usually do not take notice about the nutritional value of any nutrient and just made a recipe according to their will and taste which can make you fat. Try to cook on your own and beware of the recommended nutritional value of whatever ingredient you are adding in your recipe.

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