How to Lower Cholesterol by Eating Right

 How to Lower Cholesterol by Eating Right

How to Lower Cholesterol by Eating Right

Eating a junk is favorite and easiest way to deal with your hunger but in process we often forget the impacts it leave on our health. It is often seen that doctors recommend people certain medication which lower cholesterol level in the blood. But, how about eating in a way which lowers cholesterol levels in our blood without any medication. Here are the ways which will help you achieve lower cholesterol level without using medicines.

1) Foods to eat:

Unfortunately there are no super foods which ensure a lower cholesterol levels in your blood but certain foods like oat meal for breakfast help achieving the lower cholesterol level in blood. Oat meal is enriched in fiber and generally fiber is considered a remedy for a lower cholesterol level.

2) Control your Diet:

Diet is very important when it comes to lower cholesterol level. Controlling diet does not necessarily means that you must not eat any of your favorite food but to add foods in your diet which are considered good to achieve lower cholesterol levels. Many researchers are of opinion that foods high in good fats like walnuts, seafood, olive oil, avocados and foods fortified with plant sterols or stanols can help achieving lower cholesterol level. Use of fiber is also recommended

3) Know the Cholesterol Guidelines:

Different foods have different cholesterol levels. Different guidelines suggest that one should take 300 mg of cholesterol every day but this level can be increased if food containing more cholesterol is consumed. The matter of fact is that saturated and Trans fats in foods that have a more significant impact on increasing cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, it is suggested to know how much cholesterol you may end up taking by eating certain food. This practice will help achieving lower cholesterol level in blood.

4) An egg and lots of Vegetables:

Eggs are considered bad for cholesterol and if you are happen to be a big fan of eggs and yet want to achieve lower cholesterol level then you better take lots of vegetables during a day. An egg contains almost 212, g of cholesterol which is within recommended limit of guidelines. But to achieve lower cholesterol level you must eat lots of vegetable along with an egg in a day.

5) Eat Fish:

Fish is an excellent substitute for higher-fat meat like beef. Fish are generally rich in Omega-3s and helps you attaining the lower cholesterol level.

6) Canola and Olive for lower Cholesterol level:

Try consuming canola or olive oil which is low in cholesterol and saturated fats. By restricting saturated and Trans fats one could easily attain lower cholesterol level.

7) Almonds have an answer to Cholesterol:

Almonds are considered best for dealing with high levels of cholesterol in blood. Almonds not only help attaining the lower cholesterol level in blood but also stop cholesterol from being oxidized, a process that can otherwise damage the lining of blood vessels and increase cardiovascular risk. Eat almonds and lower cholesterol level.

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