Eating Best Healthy Foods List to Lose Weight

 Eating Best Healthy Foods List to Lose Weight

There is regular food and then there is the food that can deliberately help you trigger the weight loss process that you feel has slowed down to such a great deal.


It is important to not completely avoid fats; it is only essential to know which fat helps the body lose weight and which fat settles in the gut making it look bigger. Avocados qualify as the right kind of fat as they reduce the fat with their own and help the body stay full with its rich fiber and protein content.


Not only can they make the skin look fresh and young they can also help women lose weight with their high fiber content and minimum calorie count.

Brown Rice

brown rice pilafThey have a lot less amount of carbs and starch as opposed to regular rice. They boost the metabolism and help the body lose weight. They make the women feel like they have eaten a lot ensuring they cut down on food but have very little amount of calories in them.


These should be part of the diet before every big meal women are about to have. They have a lot of water weight and fill women up allowing them to eat less and in turn lose weight. They also have a lot of protein in them.


healthiest foods
This particular dry fruit has a lot of fats in it all of which are very beneficial to women when it comes to losing weight. Though small in size they are filled with energy and can help cut down fat really quickly. Women can make this a part of their morning diet and ensure they eat a handful of them to get these good fats and look slim and trim in no time.


These have all the healthy carbs and fats the body needs to reimburse the energy women feel like they lose eating all things unnecessary. They can even make a lentil soup and spice up the flavors to induce all the carbs they need for the week.

Kidney Beans

These have a ton of protein and fiber in them which makes them a delicious yet healthy thing to eat when trying to lose weight. A little of them incorporated in the diet gives the body the essential carbs and fiber it needs to keep the digestion going.

Green Tea

This particular hot drink helps lose weight really quickly and effectively. It immediately hydrates the body while still even shedding the water weight. In greatly influences the metabolism and helps it digest the food in such a manner that women feel lighter and slimmer right after drinking it. If women make this a part of their daily routine they can lose weight twice as fast.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is composed of material that can very easily increase and charge up the metabolism of people who nibble it every now and then just a little. It raises the metabolism in such a manner that the fat is burnt easily it also slows down the process of digestion which allows individuals to feel full most of the time and not want to keep eating.


Eggs are filled with protein and they can fill up an individual without instilling in them a lot of calories. Eating eggs regularly helps people lose weight twice as faster as they would generally. It has the protein that allows women to stay energized without feeling heavy and gives them the protein they needed.

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