15 Ways to Gain Weight Quickly

 15 Ways to Gain Weight Quickly

Ways to Gain Weight Quickly

In hamlet, Shakespeare said, “clothes make a man”. They truly do, most skinny people complain of clothes hanging of their shoulders and no size fits them well. They cannot buy things over the counter rather everything for them has to be custom made. This makes shopping a daunting task and dressing up boring. Mostly men who go through the problem of being unable to gain weight despite the tremendous effort to do so blame their metabolism for this phenomenon.

In order to fight with their metabolism these men try eating loads of junk and high calories foods. However, this also makes their bodies win over their efforts. I have here in this article the 15 best and simple ways to gain weight for skinny men. These ways will not only make you put on some weight but also make you look more appealing than before.

1. Keep in mind that the weight gain process is about gaining 500 calories a day that increases the weight by 0.5kgs per week. The objective should be of gaining weight by keeping your basal metabolic index in mind and not disturbing it.

2. Good appetite is the key to healthy eating. To develop a good appetite you need to do an exercise daily that stimulates your body to have food. Try doing squats 5*5

3. Protein is the key to mass building. Make sure instead of junk you add more proteins to your diet with divided carbs and fats.

4. Add pistachios and roasted white grams to your diet. These should be your snacks.

5. Do not eat junk that helps you put on weight at the wrong places substitute it with something healthy.

6. Quit smoking. It suppresses appetite and helps you lose weight. Therefore people who plan on putting on weight should avoid this along with alcohol.

7. Focus on foods that are healthy with a high caloric intake like bananas instead of a chocolate cake.

8. Foods to eat include fish, peanut butter, eggs, whole grains, yogurt, healthy oils and brown rice.

9. Fiber intake should be maximum to avoid constipation and other bowel issues. Whole grain, cereals and sprouts are abundant in this.

10. Good amount of vitamins should be consumed to allow the metabolic process to take place. Consume fruits that are rich in vitamins. This will also help your skin glow along with gaining weight. Supplements are also very helpful.

11. Do not let your protein intake go lower than 1g/lb body weight.

12. Do heavy weight lifting to put on a lean mass.

13. Take a dietary supplement if you still need it and your balanced diet is a bit unbalanced.

14. Drink shakes or smoothies made of bananas and mangoes. Just put sugar milk and these fruits in a blender and blend it. The perfect kind of weight gain drink.

15. Avoid drinking water before, in between meals. This suppresses appetite, and makes you eat less.

I hope these 15 ways to gain weight help you put on some weight. Remember it is not about looking fat but being visible in clothes. The skinny men can relate to this feeling.

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