Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work

 Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work

Calorie CountingLet’s face it. Dieting is not such a good idea for many of us. Either we end up eating more than we originally do by saying that “I promise myself to cut down calories from tomorrow” or we affect our health adversely.

What’s the optimal way out then? How can we maintain our weight and fitness? Why calorie counting doesn’t work?

Many of us do not know why calorie counting doesn’t work. We are very cautious about gaining weight and it is the right thing to do because our fitness and our health are significant. However, do you think that worrying about your fitness constantly and counting calories is good idea?

Firstly, to know why calorie counting doesn’t work, you should know that the secret of fitness and good health is happiness. The more you worry about your fitness and the more you try to stop eating food in order to cut calories, the more chances there are of you ruining your health. This is because excess of anything is bad. We need to make sure that we are happy and that we exercise and sleep well. Also, it’s essential to enjoy whatever we eat. The reason why calorie counting doesn’t work alone is that we do not give preference to other things that matter as well. We are too obsessed with losing our weight that we forget that even though we need to maintain a balance, we also have to find out why calorie counting doesn’t work.

Imagine sitting in a restaurant with many happy people around you. Would you rather sit there and count the calories in the food you eat or would you want to enjoy a happy meal with friends? Even if you do restrict yourself to a certain amount of calorie intake per day, you definitely need to do some homework. This is because by stopping yourself from consuming a food item in order to avoid calorie intake, you are also losing out on the healthy parts of that food.

If you wish to understand why calorie counting doesn’t work, you need to know that a small chocolate is not made up of calories only! You need to check out the amount of protein, sugar, calcium, fiber, potassium etc. Fats are not always bad. In fact, there are good fats as well as bad fats. You need to find out how good the good fats are. This is the foremost reason of why calorie counting doesn’t work. If you stop yourself from eating a food item to reduce the amount of calories you are consuming, you might be eating less of good fats. Good fats take care of your fitness, your heart, your brain and most importantly, your skin.  Now that you know why calorie counting doesn’t work, you need to concentrate more on what actually works and that is eating a healthy diet and exercising. Remember, reasons that make it clear why calorie counting doesn’t work also define that fact that we do not prioritize our preferences properly. Keep in mind that there are other things which are more important for you to keep yourself healthy and happy.

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