Tips for Healthy Eating Pyramid

 Tips for Healthy Eating Pyramid

Healthy Eating PyramidHealthy balanced diet is necessary for the healthy weight maintenance and for avoiding the fatal diseases. But a common man is confused what to use in daily life for a healthy balanced diet. This pyramid will help to make your flow sheet of a healthy diet for the maintenance of your good health.

It is a well known Chinese proverb, “He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors”.

Healthy eating or healthy diet means the food that must be helpful to maintain your normal healthy weight according to your height, the food which is helpful to make you feel healthier, happier and cut down the risk of diseases like Blood pressure, obesity, sleeping disorders, and stomach, heart, liver and kidney problems. Along with healthy diet, regular exercise is recommended as a part of healthy diet.

Healthy Diet Pyramid:

Diet pyramid recommended by the researcher for the maintenance of healthy weight of body does not mean a rigid prescription by the doctor to follow as a hard and fast rule but it’s just a guide for the healthy daily intake of food. The pyramid guide us what the amount of calories we should take daily for the maintenance of our healthy life and weight. We can divide the healthy food pyramid in four major compartments but each compartment of pyramid has its own specific importance for the maintenance of health. These are

  • The base of the pyramid contains the grains containing food such as chapattis, rice, noodles, bread, cereals etc. These should be the necessary part of your daily life and should be in the largest amount in your daily intake of food.
  • Next to the grain should be the intake of plants food including fruits and vegetables which provides us essential Vitamins, Minerals and fibers which should be the part of our daily diet. Its intake amount should also in larger quantity daily.
  • The protein and micro nutrients (Calcium, Iron & Zinc etc) containing food products should also the part of our diet but not in larger quantity but according to the body requirements. These including Fish, Poultry products (egg and chicken), dairy products (milk, butter, cheese & yogurt etc), beans, meat and mutton etc.
  • Fats including oil and ghee, sugar and salt should be used in very small quantity just for the appropriate calories intake. Excessive use of these things can be harmful for healthy life.

Spices and herbs can also be used as flavor for the food, or as the replacement of the harmful part of food such as sugar etc. Some spices and herbs are not only enhance the taste of the food but also healthy for the daily use as diet.

Outcome of healthy diet:

50% of our daily life energy for our body comes from the break down of carbohydrates, 35% energy come from the catabolism of the fats and only 15% comes from the breakdown of proteins.

Healthy balance diet consumption in daily life help us to avoid different diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol and heart diseases and even cancer.

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