The Truth about Beer Belly Fat

 The Truth about Beer Belly Fat

Beer Belly FatThere is no greater nightmare these days than gaining weight and becoming obese. People every day exercise and workout to keep them smart and active, yet somehow they report of growing waist size and a pop out belly out of nowhere. These days, hard drink addicts are seemingly in a bad state due to their addiction to beer. Beer drinkers report of belly fat that seems to come out of nowhere and is very hard to get rid of.


The calorie source need not to be the beer all along but it is in fact the major contributor found in beer addicts. Reports have shown that beer drinkers have been observed to get on quite a lot of weight and increase their waist due to excessive beer intake. An average beer sitting causes you to intake 150+ calories and given you’re in a beer party or no mood to leave the pub sooner, you might be running into a massive calorie pile up. When in a beer party or something, the sort of fried food at that place; pizza, wings or other sort, can add up to the calorie intake, not letting you know any of it.When you drink beer, the liver remains busy in burning the alcohol and skips the fats. The result is women loading up extra pounds on their thighs, hips and bellies and men with their excessive tummies.

Why does fat stores up?

The trends of fat storage in body varies according to different factors that actually control them; gender, age, heath etc. In women, the fat storage trends change over with time as compared to men, though they are exactly the same in adolescence. Women tend to get more subcutaneous fat, the kind that gets stored under the skin, and thus they end up with fats spread all over their bodies; in arms, on necks, on thighs, buttocks with an addition of their bellies as well. Men, due to absence of subcutaneous trend, have a single storage point i.e. their belly. Also with the age, this factor heightens up as the movement restricts and one becomes less active, whether it is male or female, and the stocking up of fats increases manifold and gaining weight becomes easier.

How to lose it:

It really isn’t hard enough to lose belly fat. All it needs is a determined mind. The very first step in losing beer belly fat is to limit the beer intake and to reduce the number of sittings. Reduce it to like one sitting a week and add some physical exercises to your routine to burn the fat that stored up in your body.Also, one way of cutting on belly fat is to shift to non-alcoholic beverages and drinking only on weekends.

Another suggestion that is put forward is to eat your meal before drinking. That way you can get full first and leave less room for alcohol to fit inside your body, reducing the pile up of unnecessary fat storage.

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