The Junk Food Antidote

 The Junk Food Antidote

Everyone is addicted to junk food now. Before kids and teenagers were considered to be more addicted towards junk food but now you can even see adults having all sorts of junk food which is not a good sign at all. In fact it is a major health issue as junk food affects your body in more than one way. There are many junk food effects which you need to be aware and you should know to tackle them. Of course getting rid of the junk food addiction won’t be that easy. It is going to be hard same as hard in getting rid of any other addiction. But one has to give it a shot and try to control the amount of junk food intake along with trying to minimize the effects of junk food especially when it affects your brain which can be very dangerous. Researchers were struggling and putting their heads together for this matter and managed to find an antidote which can minimize the effects of the junk food on the brain.

Before telling you about that antidote it would be best if we let you know how junk food affects our body, health and brain.

Junk Food

Effects of Junk Food on Health:

There are many harmful effects of the junk food on our health, we are going to tell you about some major ones which can help you identify the problem before we move on to the solution.

  • First thing first, junk food will cause a major increase in the cholesterol level. Unless you move yourself and do some exercise, that cholesterol level will keep on increasing and you know what access amount of cholesterol does to your body. The access cholesterol affects your liver, jams up your veins and arteries which can result in heart related issue which you don’t want to face.
  • Junk food will not provide the amount of energy which is required by your body to carry out your daily work routine. You will feel tired, lazy, dehydrated and sleepy all day long unless you eat some real food and control yourself on the amount of junk food intake.
  • Junk food will not only make you fat but it will affect your face as well. There is a thing called glycation which is a result of an inflammatory response of sugar and starches present in the junk food. This glycation will fight against your antioxidants which fights age. This will result in the increase of the aging process and will make your skin sensitive enough to be affected even by little exposure to sunlight.
  • One interesting thing which some people don’t understand that sometimes junk food may also cause mood swings which can be real trouble as well.
  • Junk food also causes that annoying heartburn. As fatty foods take longer to digest the excess stomach acid will result in major heartburn issues.

How Junk Food Affects the Brain:

Now time we told you about the big and most dangerous effect of eating too much junk food. It affects our brain. Yes, it really does. How? Let me tell you how.

  • The fats in the fried or processed food causes the brain to malfunction and lose control on your appetite causing you to eat more than required resulting in the above mentioned problems.
  • As junk foods contain a huge amount sugar and fats, this affects the amount of fat in our blood directly. This results in another new harmful action. It disrupts the creation new nerve cells causing our brain to slow down. It will directly affect our memory and ability to learn new things which you definitely do not want to experience. Luckily researchers have finally discovered an antidote which slows down the effects of junk food on our brain.

The Junk Food Antidote:

According to the recent research there is a thing called ‘Omega-3’ which causes the effects of junk food to minimize. It can protect the brain as well as has the ability to control your weight as well.  Omega-3 stimulates the area which controls the memory, feeding and appetite.

Fish oil contains Omega-3. It would be best if you eat the actual and real fish rather than taking fish oil pills. Fish oil pills can be effective but the natural thing does way more things than artificially processed pills. Fish and fish oil suppresses the effects of junk food which disrupts the new nerve cell generation. This is one useful discovery which can slow down the effects of junk food while you manage to gain control over its intake.

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