The Superfood That Could Transform your Body

 The Superfood That Could Transform your Body

Superfood That Could Transform your BodyIt is an amazing fact that our body is technically more microbiota (bacteria and yeast) than there are human cells. The bacteria and yeast live on our skin and eyes and in our mouth, nose and digestive tract, they greatly outnumber the cells that result in the making up of the organs and the fluids in our body by 10–1.

The relationship of our body and the microbes is at the same time both mutualistic and symbiotic, which means that we benefit from them and they on the other hand benefit from us. The question here arises that how can we gain the most from all such microbes? By eating probiotic foods like fermented vegetables and kefir. The probiotic supplements are surely not as potent as fermented foods. Probiotic rich foods have the ability to change our life:

1. The power to boost Immunity

At the time of our birth they literally “train” our immune system to identify the unhealthy, opportunistic organisms. Throughout our life they rule as our “small protectors” by preventing the growth of many harmful species and parasites.

2. The ability to detoxify

In order to work hard for keeping their surroundings clean, they end up in detoxifying every cell in our body. In their absence we are at greater risk for disease, infection, inflammation, obesity and even cancer.

3. Improving Digestion and Elimination

They have super active enzymes which break down food. Without them we will become constipated.

4. Uplifting the Mood

They are our secret weapons against severe depression. Our gut wall is in reality our second brain. This “gut brain” generally influences the brain in our head and the rest of our entire nervous system. The most vital chemicals that we need to feel happy, such as serotonin, are first born in the gut!

5. Slowing the Aging Process

They produce vitamins in our gut and increase bio-availability so that we can absorb the beneficial nutrients our body needs to remain young.

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