The Secret To Getting Ripped Fast

 The Secret To Getting Ripped Fast

Ripped FastAre you planning to get ripped fast? You want to do it like those celebrities who get an ideal curved body in no time or those who spend years in gym, lifting load and working out? Well, both have something in common and that main driver is MOTIVATION.

Yes, motivation is what drives you to put so much hard work and effort to rip fast. For celebrities, the motivation can be to maintain their look or millions dollar project. Where as an individual could be doing for self esteem and satisfaction. You ever wondered how Mark Wahlberg ripped for the movie “The Fighter” or how does Jason Statham manage top physical condition? We know that motivation is one thing you need, what else is needed to get ripped fast? Technique and proper diet? True, Technique and proper diet are the most important factors to rip quickly.

Set Objectives

Be clear in what you want. Either it is about trimming some specific part like clearing your abs or you want to shape up your arms.

Make a plan

Know what the right way is to get you desired results. Consult some good trainer to know the right mix of exercises.

Set Deadline

Set a timeline for what you want to achieve. Make sure the deadline is realistic. More detailed a deadline is, easy it will be to quantify that. E.g. you want to reduce 10 pounds in one month. So weighting every third day and adjusting exercises accordingly would be a good advice. Though this a tough target for a normal person, so be sure that your goals are realistic.

Make Commitments

Usually everyone starts with great energy but gradually that energy disappears. A good way to retain that energy is by attaching reward or punishment with the desired objective. It can be done in numerous ways. Bet something valuable with some friend or family member etc.

Benchmark your performance

every physique responds differently to a particular exercise, so don’t benchmark with others, rather benchmark yourself. Know what you were before and the difference made in a specific time.

Give yourself time

Through you are looking to get ripped fast but it is mostly not advised by trainers and doctors. You may achieve your desired cuts and muscles but your health is at stake. A suitable time to get in proper shape is around a year. This will give your body ample time to absorb what you are doing.

Be consistent

A professional and simultaneously a friendly advice is to be regular in what you are doing. Mostly it is seen that people achieve their desired body shape but they tend to lose interest over time and don’t focus on maintaining what is achieved, which results in loosened body.

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