Men Fitness: Skip Away The Calories

 Men Fitness: Skip Away The Calories

When people think to get well shaped body they think of well equipped gymnasium with the expensive latest exercise equipments and by leaving all their favorite food can make them lose weight and all this thinking stopped them to get start for this. So not get worry now, I am sharing some easy and fun ways that comprises of various physical activities and some basic exchange of healthy food instead of unhealthy fatty food to skip away the calories.

Start Skipping:

Skipping for menSkipping which we love to do in our childhood is not only the least expensive and most effective workout ever, skipping also improves your agility and reflexes. An inexpensive simple skipping rope and some nice music can help you too, if you do it regularly and in a right way then you can burn your calories up to 200 within 10-15 minutes. So, take out yours skipping rope from your store, wear a pair of comfortable shoes and start hopping

Wash Your Car:

Car washWhy you spent money and get your car or bike to an expensive car wash when you can do it yourself? With this activity you can skip away 216 calories in just 40 minutes. Wear your loose trouser, switch on your car deck, take a water bucket, surf, scrub, thick wipes and start washing and cleaning your heavy duty. Isn’t it fun based, men loving physical activity to burn calories?

Burn Calorie While Sitting:

While SittingMany men say that they haven’t much time to do exercise due to their busy office work schedule. They have an easy option to skip away the calories. You don’t need to go and run in a jogging park. If you are sitting and doing some work then just make your legs move like you are running. You will lose the weight same as running on a running lane. If you do this for about 25 minutes you can burn 190 calories.

Do Gardening:

GardeningThere is nothing best then be in greenery, be with nature to de-stress yourself. Another benefit you can take with it is to skip away the calories by taking out some time, grab some gardening tools and start trimming trees and plants nearby your vicinity in a shape. This is a healthy and easy activity and if you do this for about 40 minutes you can burn up to 215 calories.

Use Stairs:

StairsWe use lift for our convenience to reach our destination but if you wants to skip away the calories stop pressing lift button for going up and down and use stairs either in the mall, residential building, your office or any other place.216 calories you can burn if you use stairs for about 30 minutes.

Better in Food to Skip Away The Calories:

Better in Food for menVery helpful and effective  decoction used form years and years  to skip away the calories is swallow a clove of garlic with  table spoon of pure honey and a tablespoon of non-synthetic vinegar every morning, half an hour before taking breakfast. You can drink some sips of normal water with it. Moreover, drink green tea instead of any soda or calorie-laden drink after any meal as green tea helps to burn calories.

Take fruits like apples and berries as they contain chemical called pectin which slows down the body’s capacity to absorb other foods, including fat. Use fibrous food in your diet as they will help to reduce the cholesterol level in your blood and when you eat fibrous food you will see that your tummy fill quicker so you will eat less. Add vegetables like lettuce, radish and horseradish in your food as they contain magnesium and iron which help to increase the metabolism and also having properties of burning calories.

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