I’m on a Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of HappinessThe pursuit of happiness is one that is taken upon directly or inadvertently by each of us during the course of our lives. The ultimate goal as a human being is to make sure that success and hard work contribute to the elevation of the labialis superioris to make that consonant of a smile, an arc with your lips.

Staying happy is the key to a healthy and successful like and it evolves from taking up habits and changing and rectifying your attitude and aptitude to make sure that there is consistency and persistence in your smile and its presence,

Some habits that have been known to make you happier by increasing the level or serotonin in your brain are as follows. Do try and put a little bit of effort into them and see how they help in cheering you up.

Waking up early is number one on the list. The earlier you rise, the more time you have to prepare yourself for your day. You will usually not lack in any of the deadlines you have to meet and your brain will be better prepared to accept and relate to arduous tasks that were previously difficult to grasp.

Making sure that the first meal you consume is a healthy one. Keep it rich in fruits and naturally occurring commodities. Foods rich in cholesterol and fatty acids have a huge danger sign dangling over them asking you to wade off. A good healthy early morning meal may end up in your day being a happier and more productive one.

Smile. There is no single way to have a happier life than by spreading the notion itself. Having shared a smile with someone during the course of your day will not only make you a pleasant sight for those that you are in close interaction with but you never know how it might help you in forgetting your miseries and sorrows.

In the end, have lots and lots of sex. Be comfortable with your body and not only accept it but flaunt it. Having sexual intercourse with persistence serves as a constant ego booster for you and has your pleasure hormone levels soaring in the sky.

Take up some of these habits and see how they help in making your everyday a little happier than before.

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