How your Girlfriend Could Be Making you Fat

 How your Girlfriend Could Be Making you Fat

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It is commonly seen that the couples look like and the reason behind is that couples love each other personality and want to be like the other. In relationships it is mostly seen that one partner changes the other partner lifestyle. Girls sometimes makes fat because they are fat and many other reasons are there why girlfriends makes their boys look fat.
Here we will talk about some reason that how the girlfriends make their boyfriends fat and why

1. The girlfriends are very possessive about their boyfriend. They don’t want that their boyfriends look attractive anymore to anyone else so they want him to eat more so only she can get stuck to him.

2. It is a common saying that their way to the man’s heart is through his stomach so some girls believe in it and make favorite dishes for their boyfriends. This way boys never say No and he has to eat it whatever she has made. The idea behind the food was good that showing love and care to the boy but after a while boys become fat. Showing love can sometimes make your partner fat.

3. Girlfriends make their boyfriend lazy. Most of the time they are in bed or sitting together on a couch and watching TV, while eating some Junk food. The lifestyle totally changes after you are in a relationship, the time you spent on yourself like exercising or doing some other work, you start spending with a girlfriend. It is not a good habit because these changes can also affect the body and healthy badly.

4. Girlfriends make you fat, she is sometimes not doing intentionally. When you are in a relationship you start eating out a lot. Sometimes you eat lots of fast food and French fries these things increase weights immediately. You eat cakes and lot of other things which are high in calories and then your weight increases.

5. It is a fact that men always eat a lot when their girlfriend is around them, they want to show their masculinity. That time they don’t care about their weight but later on they realize and girls doesn’t eat much around their boyfriend to show them how weight conscious they are. All day eating and eating will definitely make you fat.

6. In relationships there are many phases and one sometimes feel depression and stress. This is an emotional period and in this time you tend to eat more food. In depression you eat more coats all the sweet things which increase weight. Fights and other issues make you fat so stop fighting.

7. When a person is singles such as the boy they want to maintain their looks and structure. They want to be smart so that they can be in the eyes of every girl and for it they work hard but when you are in a relationship you don’t care any more. There is a lack of motivation and you don’t do effort because you feel that you have achieved what you want.

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