How to Improve a Better Sleep

 How to Improve a Better Sleep

It is very important to have a better and proper sleep.  To take proper sleep is very important but at some stage of life you feel that your sleep is not properly so to get proper sleep there are many tips.

To get proper sleep one should take care of health so avoid taking caffeine, tea, all soft drinks and especially chocolates because these things stimulate your system and make you awake for a long time.  Chain smokers should not smoke before going to bed as the tobacco also has the same effect.

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The fact is that alcohol makes you sleep but after some time but the kind of sleep is very bad. So I would suggest that don’t drink alcohol at night because then your sleep will get disturbed.

An important fact is one feels sleepy when the room environment is dark and no sound is coming so to get a better sleep the room should not be noisy and no sunshine should come while sleeping. You can also use eye mask it will make you sleep better.  The bed you are sleeping in should be very comfortable because if you are not comfortable you will not able to sleep properly.

If you want to get a good sleep one thing you should try is that keep all the gadgets out of your bedroom. These heavy computers and TV will make your room look light and you will feel more comfortable in it.

Make your habit to read a light and simple book before you go to bed it will help a lot. Whenever you planned to sleep make sure do some activity which makes your mind and soul rest. If you are really worried write a diary and before you go to bed write everything about it so that your mind is relaxed, this way you can sleep better.

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Always go to bed when you feel that you are very tired and only sleep can make you better. If you go to bed and is unable to sleep this is the worst condition, don’t do this to yourself. Make sure you are truly tired before sleeping and see you will have an amazing sleep.

A very important tip to have a nice sleep is that don’t hang your watch in front of your bed because sometimes you get up in the middle of the night or you are trying to sleep and when you see watch it will give you more tension.  If ever you wake up in the middle of the night so before sleeping again do some activity such as read a book or listen to some music you will start feeling sleepy again.

There is a time about everything and so sleep has its own timings. Go to bed early like around 10 and wake up when sunshine’s starts coming into the home this is the only way you will have perfect sleep.

Try not to eat very heavy food before going to bed, it is far better to eat dinner three hours before you go to bed. This will make your health better and eating at last minute can cause many other health problems.  Don’t eat snacks at night.

Before you plan to go to bed drink lot of water or hot milk because sometimes because of so much thirst you get woken up so drink it before.

One thing which can help you sleep better is exercise, so make your routine to do it daily and early in the morning.

Before going to bed do your massages apply hand and foot cream and do proper massage to get good sleep.  Other than that use moisturizer before going to bed and also apply night creams this will help to regenerate your cells and helps in better sleep.

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