Hot Dogs will Kill You

 Hot Dogs will Kill You

It has been said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but this cannot be said of the hot dogs. In fact, the latest researches have shown that hot dog has many harmful effects on the body if the proper standards have not been met.

Hot Dogs

The physicians committee has enunciated that the hot dogs are bad for health and there should be warning labels on the packing and signboards showing the risks and harms of the hot dogs. Are they really dangerous? Do we avoid in-take of hot dogs? Let’s discuss the possible harms of the hot dogs and let us study how hot dogs are dangerous for the health of humans:

1. Risk of Cancer:

It would be astonishing to note that the chances of cancer are high in those who take processed meats in their daily routine. World Cancer Research Fund’s studies have shown the world that the 21% of the colorectal cancer is caused by processed meat which is included in hot dogs. That’s why; hot dogs are seriously discouraged by the physicians and nutritionists of the world because excessive in-take of hot dogs causes serious implications for the health.

2. High Fat, Salt and Preservatives in Hot Dogs:

It is fact that the hot dogs contains high ratio of fats and other salts which, when take regularly, causes serious disturbance in the metabolic rate of the body. It is also widely believed and proven that the high percentage of salt and fats may convert delicious hot dogs to carcinogenic hot dogs. Likewise, many preservatives like sodium nitrate and nitrites link the healthy human body to the cancer. That’s why hot dogs are discouraged in the routine life. Many physicians widely believe that one hot dog a day may bring cancer one step closer to the health.

3. Hot Dogs and Leukemia:

Different studies have shown that the chances of Leukemia are higher in children who eat more hot dogs. Studies have shown that the chances of leukemia are nine times stronger in children who eat nearly 12 hot dogs in a month. It would be surprising to know that the chances are stronger in children who have their parents addicted to hot dogs.

4. Hot Dogs can cause Brain tumors:

Hot Dogs are tasty and yummy but they are very dangerous for the health. Sarusua and Savitz have studies childhood cancer in Denver and their results are astonishing. Results have shown that the chances of cancer and brain tumor are stronger in children whose mothers used to eat hot dogs during their pregnancies. Same findings were made by Bunin. He is also of opinion that the intake of hot dogs during pregnancy enhances the chances of brain tumors in new born babies.

5. How could Tasty hot dogs can cause health problems:

Hot dogs contain fats, salts and preservatives like nitrites and nitrates. When cooked, these nitrites and nitrates react with amines which are naturally present in the meat and giving birth to carcinogenic compounds which ultimately lead a healthy body to the fatal cancer. That’s why it has been said that the excessive hot dogs can kill you.

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