Fast Food Contributes to 11 Percent Calories

 Fast Food Contributes to 11 Percent Calories

Fast Food Contributes To 11 Percent Calories

Time changes very fast now days. Trends, fashions, technology, living style, although eating habits are also changed. And it’s still changing day by day. Technology gives us lots of facilities with the passage of time, but with these facilities life become too fast. In this fast life sometime no one have proper time for meals. Everyone is busy in their professional and social lives. In this hatch life they have no time to make food.

So these types of meals are quick alternative for them. Fast foods like burger, French fries, chicken nuggets, donuts, pizza are taking active parts in adult’s life, or upcoming new generation diet.  Adults developed their taste buds for ready to cook food. In a busy life we want everything ready or take- away. So they can eat fast food in travelling or on a walking path which contain calories. That’s why fast food trend increases day by day. In early 19th the ratio for fast food trend is very low, from 2003 to onward this ratio increase highly in vertical upward.

We get older; perhaps we do get wiser and eat less fast food. Surveys shows that more than 11% daily calories consumed by adults, which is taking through fast food meal.  Taking advance survey for the eating habits of adults shows that the fast food habit are rapidly increasing from the age of 20 to above, the ratio in the age of 60’s or above are low as compare to others. But the alarming sign are that the ratios of obesity increased in the children are also increased because of fast food.

Penalty of colorful bill-board add, attract to the adults and children’s with their delicious and attractive offer. People are becoming obese because of lack of self-control. They have no time and fast food is only option for them easy to get and eat, because of their delicious and attractive offering.

Fast food products are not only containing burger, pizza or fries. There are 1000’s of thing which are included in this series with high calories and fats as well. Bakeries product and snacks are also include in the fast food product and they also have calories & fats. These are some examples of bakeries and fast food product which contain heavy fat and calories.

Like simple biscuits are contain 300% calories and 15% fat, French toast contain 390% calories & 20 % fat, large French fries no salt contain 540% calories & 25% fats,Popcorn Chicken 620% calories & 40 % fats.Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit contain 480% calories & 31% fats, strawberry contain 360% calories & 9 % fats. So everyone just see the outlook of food with good presentation but no one see the actual quality of food. Extra calories in a daily routine for a long time are harmful for human body.

This culture is not only established in developed or developing countries, it’s also taking place in under developing countries. And economical stability also not matter a lot. And without taking this serious everyone taking fast food which contributes calories.

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