Exercises You Can Do For Better Sex

 Exercises You Can Do For Better Sex

Exercise. It’s pretty important to, you know, being a happy, healthy person existing on planet Earth. Trust me, I wish this weren’t this case. I wish that staying in bed binging on Netflix had a positive impact on your brain and its biochemistry, but alas, that is not meant to be. I’m not a naturally active person, but I know that getting up and going to the gym even if it’s just for 20 minutes will leave me feeling happier, more energized, and just overall more comfortable in my own skin.

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But if that’s not incentive enough to get yo’ ass moving, here’s another one: depending on what workout you choose, there are exercises that you can do that qualify as exercises for better sex. That’s right, prepare to get physical, because I’m about to pump YOU up (and by you I mean the areas of your body that are most integral to having a rip-roaring and athletic session in the sack, sexually speaking.

Exercises You Can Do For Better Sex

Behold, 5 exercises for better sex!

1. Lunges

My crotch is sore just thinking about all of the different types of lunges that a girl (or grown ass woman) can do to get in the best shape possible for some freaky, freaky sex. Lunges are great because they make you incredibly flexible, especially in the region of your upper inner thigh. You want this area to be nice and supple to make it easier than ever for him to find your G-spot and send you to Orgasm City, USA.

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2. Hinges

This here position is a lot like doing a sit-up only on your knees and in reverse. Sound complicated? It isn’t, words are just hard. Get on your knees (that’s what he said, lol, no time to laugh about it now). Once in that position, lean back as far as you can keeping your abs activated, then return to sitting upright. Rinse, wash, repeat. You’ll notice that your core is affected and that the muscles in your back are working, which is good news when you’re doing some missionary and need to arch just so to get that hit your clitoris craves.

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3. Bridge

Another easy one that feels good and does good for you. Get on your back (again, that’s what he said, though admittedly this is getting tired). Pull up your knees and plant your feet on the ground. Then, pushing off, lift your lower half into the air, clenching your buttocks. This is going to also tighten your pelvic floor, making your orgasms even more intense.

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4. Happy Baby

This isn’t an exercise as much as it’s a stretch, but it’s an important one if you like to have sex that actually feels good. Lay down on your back and from that position, hug your knees to your chest. Rock gently from side to side, loosening the muscles of your lower back. Your lower back is responsible for many of the spine-tingling good feelings you have during sex. If you want to keep them in action, make sure to stretch them regularly.

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5. Plie

This move ain’t just for ballerinas. Stand with your feet placed slightly wider than your hips. Bend your knees and lower yourself as far as you can. Hold, then come back up to standing. Repeat as wanted. This here move is going to act as a double whammy, tightening your pelvic floor AND increasing your flexibility. Two things guaranteed to make sex hotter than ever.

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