Daily Nutrition Must-Haves

 Daily Nutrition Must-Haves

Daily NutritionTo lead a well balanced and happy life, the daily nutrients men must have, plays a vital role. For optimum fitness, add a wide variety of nutrients to your daily nutrients that you must have. However there are some nutrients that men must have and a few of them are given below.

  • Selenium

Selenium is the nutrient that a man must have as a daily nutrient. Hair fall is the common problem that men are facing these days. Selenium prevents hair loss and reduces it to great extent. It can also improve sperm health improving fertility. By taking selenium as a daily nutrient, you can control your cholesterol level. You can get this daily nutrient in fish and sea food.

  • Calcium

Calcium has countless benefits. Firstly it makes your bones strong and helps you in loosing weight. Calcium as a daily nutrient for men can make their immune and nervous system strong so that he may not forget her girlfriend’s birthday (joke).

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is very important for muscular function and other functions of the body. Men must have magnesium as a daily nutrient in his diet if they want to reduce the risk of colon caner. Leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds are considered as a good source of magnesium.

  • B-Vitamins

All the fruits and vegetables that contain nutrient vitamin-B must have in your daily diet because it improves the energy level and help you to remain healthy. Nutritional yeast, whole grains and green leafy vegetables contain vitamin-B in excess.

  • Chromium

The daily nutrient men must have includes chromium which is also a supplement for muscle-building. Chromium is a mineral that reduce the danger of heart attack and diabetes as well. Its keeps the blood sugar level at its place. It has also been proved by studies that men must have chromium in their daily nutrients if they want to maintain their weight.

  • Vitamin E

One of the important daily nutrients is Vitamin E that you must have in your daily diet. Vitamin E prevents you from cancer, heart disease and the signs of aging. The men who have problem of damaged tissues must have Vitamin E in their diet as it repairs the damage tissues and organs. You can get this nutrient through eggs, wheat germ, cabbage, vegetable oil etc.

  • Iron

Iron is also very crucial nutrient for a healthy life. Iron as a daily nutrient makes you look healthy and younger. Adding iron as a daily nutrient in your diet can make your blood circulation better and make new blood cells. Apple, spinach and other green vegetables and ripe fruits contains iron in them so you must have to add the nutrient in your diet to lead a healthy life.

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