Benefits and Hazards of Atkin’s Diet

 Benefits and Hazards of Atkin’s Diet

The popularity of Atkin’s diet grew so much that it started getting attention around the globe and people wanted to pay an even higher amount just to get the perfect Atkin’s diet plan.


The Atkin’s diet is a diet which is high in protein and carbohydrate content. It works on the principle of Ketosis which is a process in which excess body fat is burnt which ultimately leads to weight loss. The Atkin’s diet restricts the use of carbohydrates to only a few grams per day as the carbohydrates are the major sources of fat and they are burnt first in your body. Proteins are there to facilitate the process as it helps in using up proteins by working on ketones in it to get energy supply and do not get affected by lower sugar levels in the body through Atkin’s diet. Furthermore, the Atkin’s diet is considered to be more effective as it limits the food cravings and keeps the belly satisfied for a longer period of time unlike many other diet plans.


But still, even though Atkin’s diet is beneficial to the people who want to reduce weight in many ways yet it has its implications and it is not accepted by many health related organizations in U.S.A. and t is against their rules and policies. In fact, the American Dietetic Association is now really concerned about the kind of perceptions Atkin’s diet is building up in minds of people as it is leading to many health risks.

First of all, it is hazardous because it stimulates and controls your hunger and cravings in a mechanical way. On one hand, Atkin’s diet inhibits the use of carbohydrates then on the other hand, by putting proteins to use by force can cause serious health problems. Atkin’s diet can create hindrances in the natural mechanism and metabolic system of the human body. Moreover, its irregular control on cravings can cause issues too for example it can stop the craving for one particular kind of food but it can increase the craving for another food to a larger extent.

Most importantly, as Atkin’s diet play around the blood glucose levels a lot hence, serious problems like diabetes can also arise in people who never had such issues and if somebody already had diabetes then the chances of deterioration are even higher.

The Right Choice!

Without a doubt, Atkin’s diet is indeed a good one for many people who are desperate to shed of excess weight and have a good shape of body but at the same time they should keep in mind different health risks associated with the Atkin’s diet. The Atkin’s diet limits the followers to take up some essential nutrients daily and just makes them have an intake of just a few nutrients. These factors may not show you their repercussions suddenly but they have long term health problems related with them silently. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you maintain a proper, healthy and well-balanced diet and do exercise regularly so that you remain fit and fine and you do not need to rely on any diets such as the Atkin’s diet. It is good to lose weight in a longer time period then having health issues for lifetime just by losing weight in a very short time.

Also see how important exercise and health diet is.

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