Be Healthy and Make Healthy Fried Food

 Be Healthy and Make Healthy Fried Food

Healthy Fried FoodFried food is definitely unhealthy but if it is cooked in vegetable oil or olive oil and cooked with special care then food can retain some nutritious value in them. Fried food if cooked carefully is not all that bad for all those who want to reduce weight and maintain some muscles.

For all those ladies who are diet conscious who want to reduce weight, who desperately want to get rid of the extra fat on their body. But the only problem everyone of a person who already has some extra pounds of weight and they want to avoid fatty food. Deep frying is obviously not a good idea; the entire food that is being fried absorbs the oil.

If you really are on a diet and you want to have fried food then change your regular oil to olive oil that is absolutely healthy and nutritious. It is known to everyone that fried food is not necessarily nutritious and healthy but the question is in what case can fried food be healthy? When the food is fried it absorbs oil and heat essentially activates the food’s moisture and steam cooks the food well from inside.

Most important thing for all of us to know is that we should know which fats are best to be fried and at what temperature. If you want to reduce weight and make up some muscles then fried food won’t be too bad for you. The oil for frying shouldn’t be heated too much, if heated beyond the smoke point then it produces toxic compounds which caused illness in human body. Although vegetable oil isn’t all that bad if we take the example of olive oil then we know that food fried in olive oil is healthy and good for health, low in cholesterol and fats.

Fried food if fried on a grill with a little oil on it; more like grilled food is healthy and fit for all those diet conscious people out there, all of  us know that barbeque is a lot better than deep fried food. Even if you are serving your child fried food then make sure that the nutritious value of the food is still retained within the food item. Try and fry the food in the minimum amount of oil so that the oil doesn’t get absorbed into the food, whereas it will be best if olive oil is used for frying.


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