Be a Healthy Man

 Be a Healthy Man

A lot of men think of themselves as very macho and that they do not need to do anything regarding their health. It turns out that men’s health is equally important besides them being physically strong. Health and fitness is one of the most important things to take care in our lives that we often ignore. You don’t want to miss out on your children growing up, getting married, you want to be called a grandpa so here are a few habits that will lead you to a healthier and a long life.


Exercise is the first step towards men’s health. At least exercise for 30 minutes a day. You don’t necessarily need to take time out if you are very busy, just try to be creative how to go about it. Technology these days has made it a lot easier. In case you don’t have time to gym then you can take some time out at home and watch Youtube, you will find out amazing workouts and almost everything that you need to know.

If you take public transport to work, get off a few blocks far from work and then walk till there. Try stairs instead of elevators as much as you can. Studies suggest that exercise adds three years to your life. So to determine a man’s health, the amount of exercise he takes is vital.

Breakfast is a must

Add breakfast to your day in case you are not a breakfast person. Health and fitness experts say that it is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast eaters feel good mentally and physically as compared to people who do not take breakfast. It is recommended that your breakfast should be a combination of carbs, protein and a small amount of fat. Skip lunch if you want to lose weight but never miss breakfast. This is the key to staying healthy and fit.

Get enough sleep and relaxation

Sleep is extremely important, lack of sleep can heighten the risks of heart diseases and others like cancer. Studies conclude that lack of sleep can shorten your life. Stress and anxiety also lead to many diseases they are killers. Make sure that you take some out from your day to relax in whatever way you want. Meditation, exercise, music, reading or any such activity that relaxes you can be extremely good. A walk in the woods and close to nature can be a good way of relaxation.

Brush daily- Doctors suggest that oral hygiene is very important and it saves you from a lot of diseases. One should brush and floss daily, it adds 6.4 years to your life according to Dr. Michael Roizen. This will help you get rid of the bacteria that cause many diseases including heart disease and maintain your health and fitness.

Friends are a blessing

Your friends can be a mental as well as a physical support. They can be you therapist and you can talk to them about your problems and get over your depression and anxiety. This can seriously add years to your life and are imperative to health and fitness.

Health, Water is one of the most important elements of your body. It maintains your body temperature and fluids for different organs. Take lots of water it helps you in a lot of ways it also accelerates your metabolism and helps indigestion. Keep yourself hydrated it will be good for your skin as well as your health and fitness.

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