7 Essential Steps in Weight Loss for Men Over 40

 7 Essential Steps in Weight Loss for Men Over 40

Weight Loss for MenYou might have gone to different gyms and to other weight loss for men over 40 programs. It is very difficult to lose weight at the age of 40. We men have better potential than woman to lose weight because man has more muscle mass then woman. But the main problem is that in general, men cannot change their routine of food and cannot also change what they eat. No doubt it is very difficult for men in age of 40 to lose weight but it is not impossible. You just have to change some of your habits and you can lose weight. If you are ready to change your habits then following are the 7 essential steps in weight loss for men over 40.

 Check Up

The first thing that a person should do is to go to a doctor and get full checkup. As there can be many other potential reasons at age of 40 because of your weight has increased. Such potential problems can be diabetes, cholesterol and other such problems.


Now after getting yourself check second essential step in weight loss for men over 40 is planning. First set your targets how much you want to lose weight and how will you lose weight. After making this plan, follow it strictly.

Six meals

Do you know that your brain realizes that you have eaten something after 20 minutes? So it is better to eatsmall six meals. Do not do over eating in any of the six meals as it is very significant step in weight loss for men over 40.

Strength training and cardio

Strength training and cardio both are very helpful in weight loss of men over 40. You should do these exercises around 5 to 6 times a week and not less then it. The time you should spend in this should be minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of an hour.


Water is very useful in weight loss for men over 40. Whenever you wake up the first thing you should do is to drink 1 or 2 glasses of water daily. Drink cold water for thermo genic effect.

Rest at night

Night is made for every human being to rest. You have to work whole day and if you will not even get rest at night this will not recover your muscles properly to lose weight.


Sports are very important in weight loss for men over 40. You can specify specific time for sports. Through sports your food will be digested properly and your fats will also burn which will result in weight loss for men over 40.

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