7 Easy Snoring Remedies

 7 Easy Snoring Remedies

Easy Snoring RemediesSnoring is a common problem particularly found in men. Nights become stressful and sleep time become traumatic if anyone in the room is snoring.

Snoring is a disease in medical terms but it is recommended not to use any medicine for it.Just go through with some easy snoring remedies at home and you will get benefited by a peaceful night.

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Here I am writing 7 easy snoring remedies for you all who face this problem and want a snoring free sleep.

7 Easy Snoring Remedies:

1.    Clean Out Sinus Before Sleeping

Sinus clean out is must before going to bed: a common cause of snoring is sinus congestion. It blocks the throat with mucous which is irritated by dry air. Take a steam bath, clean your nose thoroughly, use a humidifier to moisture your room are some easy tips that you should do before going to bed.

2.    Sleep Position

Sleep position also count a lot in snoring. The 6 easy snoring remedies tell us that never sleep on your back. It makes the base of your tongue and soft palate collapseto the back wall of throat and causes a vibrating sound (snoring) during sleep. You can use a full body pillow to provide an easy fix to your body. Sleeping on your side also makes dramatic changes.

3.    Elevate Your Head During Sleep

Elevate your head during sleep. It is another tip in 6 easy snoring remedies. When your head is far back then it might cause snoring. This may tight your air passageway and you feel difficulty in breathing. To elevate your head, use extra pillows.

4.    Do Some Easy Workout

Exercise is the best snoring remedy before going to bed. Stretch your muscles and do some easy workout tips. It helps to calm your body muscles and put them in a relax state. Throat stretching exercises are also bestto get rid of snoring. Open your mouth widely and cock your jaw to each side for about 20 minutes is a best and easy snoring remedy before going to sleep.

5.    Lose Some Weight

Lose weight to stop snoring. If you gain extra weight especially around your neck area, it squeezes the internal diameter of your throat and making it collapse during sleep. So, lose weight is another easy snoring remedy you should remember.

6.    Avoid Alcohol and Heavy Meals

Avoid alcohol, tobacco consumption, sleeping tablets, mood altering drugs and heavy meals eating at late night. All these things cause snoring and disturb your sleep cycle on regular basis.

7.    Take Ginger Tea

Apart from these 6 easy snoring remedies, use ginger and honey before going to bed. Ginger contains natural moisturizing enzyme that helps to moisturize your throat during sleep. You can also take ginger tea before sleep. Throat sprays, nasal congestion strips, anti-snoring pillows are all to stop snoring.

Have peaceful and calm sleep!

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