6 Signs Your Liver Might Be Failing

 6 Signs Your Liver Might Be Failing

The liver performs various extremely essential functions for the human body. It filters the blood, creates hormones, makes compounds vital for food digestion and it also stores energy within the body. And these aren’t all of its duties, a liver is extremely important in order to stay fit and healthy. Now, many assume that if something has gone amiss with the functioning of the liver, it would be extremely noticeable. However, that is not the case.

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Unlike various other organs and diseases, liver problems don’t exhibit themselves until they have worsened a great deal. For instance, as seen in the example of Hepatitis C, which is also known as the “silent epidemic”. Now, with any liver related disease be it fatty liver disease or hepatitis, by the time the symptoms will become to emerge, the Cirrhosis is likely to worsen beyond control.

1. Stomach aches

Stomach aches

Aches in your abdomen are a clear indication that your liver might be in trouble. Your stomach might feel sore, it could be swollen to touch or perhaps, the right upper part of your stomach is aching unbelievably. All these are sure and clear signs that something is amiss with your liver. You see, the liver takes us a great deal of your abdominal cavity, its wedge like exterior and fatty side covers up the right side of your abdomen. So if your liver has inflamed or gone sick, you are highly likely to feel an overpowering ache in your abdomen. If this ache is recurrent and continues to persist abnormally, you must consult the doctor and get proper medical attention.

2. Jaundice or Yellowy eyes & Skin

Jaundice or Yellowy eyes & Skin

The yellow color that tends to fill up the eyes and skin when one has contracted jaundice appears when the human body starts breaking down the old blood cells and creates a yellow compound that is known as “bilirubin”. Now, when your liver is healthy and functioning effectively, it will dispose away the bilirubin, but if your liver is ailing and sick, it will allow the bilirubin to increase within your blood stream. And eventually, as the levels of bilirubin in your blood keep rising, your skin and eyes begin to turn yellow and you contract jaundice. Furthermore, a dark colored urine and light excretion are also clear signs of jaundice and liver ailments.

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3. Overwhelming pain in the joints

Overwhelming pain in the joints

If you experience severe joint pain of the kind that is common in arthritis, along with recurrent fatigue, loss of hunger, vomiting and nausea, you are likely to have an ailing liver. The above mentioned symptoms are extremely typical of autoimmune hepatitis, a severe condition where the immune system wrongly damages the tissues and cells in your liver. This disease tends to be more common among women, who disregard symptoms like fatigue and nausea every other day. So, if you’re been ignoring the signs for too long and fighting them away, now is the time you get yourself an appointment with a doctor!

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4. Emergence of spots on the skin

Emergence of spots on the skin

Since your liver is responsible for cleansing and filtering your blood, in the instance it fails to perform this task optimally, your blood will remain impure and unclean. This can very well cause clotting and spots to emerge on the surface of the skin. These clots tend to accumulate and increase into large blemishes, which look a great deal like spiders and asterisks. For this reason, these clots are referred to as “spider angiomas” and they mostly tend to emerge on the torso and chest. If and when you spot these crawling up your skin, get yourself professional medical attention at once.

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5. A state of mental disorientation

A state of mental disorientation

When your liver is sick and it does not filter the blood properly, huge amounts of copper start accumulating in your blood stream and your brain. This creates a very disoriented and confused state of mind, very much similar to that of Alzheimer’s. You begin forgetting events, numbers, incidents, and most commonly, stuff like where you kept the keys or your wallet. Such a state common occurs when you’ve reached the advanced stage of a liver ailment, so this won’t the first symptom you encounter, but one of the last stage symptoms that take place when the condition of your liver has really deteriorated.

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6. Muscles begin to waste away

Muscles begin to waste away

An ailing or sick liver can cause severe fluid imbalances within the human body, and these imbalances in turn cause your stomach to swell up and increase in size, along with swelling up your ankles, weakening your arms and legs by making them skinny and brittle. This is referred to as muscle wasting and it can also occur around your temples and cheeks, leaving behind a hollowed in effect. This too is a last-stage symptom that you will encounter as your disease begins to worsen, and your liver deteriorates. You won’t notice this one in the early days, so please don’t try to link it up with regular muscle stiffness, obesity or weakness in the arms and legs.

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