5 Foods to Avoid For Extreme Muscle Definition

 5 Foods to Avoid For Extreme Muscle Definition

Foods to Avoid Muscle

A body in shape is nothing less than a blessing because there is really high need of work out to get your body in proper and desired shape. As a matter of fact, one should keep in mind that the extreme muscle definition demands not only proper workout but also a complete set of diet so that the necessary and required food can be in take by the body in certain amount instead of useless food. There are many food items, natural and synthetic, that are considered as a bad omen for the extreme muscle definition. Their knowledge is essential for those who are conscious of their body shape and muscle definition.

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1. Fruit:

It would be surprising to note that the fruits are not very good for the extreme muscle definition. Since it is widely known fact that the excessive sugar is not good for health and for body fitness so is the case with fruits because they contain fructose, a sugar. The metabolism of body converts these sugar compounds into glucose and store the excessive energy in form of fats. This fat will ultimately cause obesity and disturbs the shape of the body. Journal of Nutrition revealed the fact that the normal drinks in breakfast contains almost 100% sugar which is consumed by the body to produce fats. So is the case with fruits. When body consumes fruits the mode of body convert from “fat burning” to “fat storage”. That doesn’t mean that I am anti-fruits but it is just as I m suggesting the intake of low sugar fruits like berries to certain limits. For instance, 30 grams of Berries daily would be no harm to your muscle definition and cuts.

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2. Dairy Products:

No other food contains high level of natural fats than the dairy products like milk, butter and yogurt. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that the dairy products like milk and ice creams contains insulin releasing elements thus causing high insulin level in the blood to take care of the available sugar in the body. The side effect of the dairy products for the body shape is that the excessive insulin will prevent the breakdown of fats in body and ultimately causing body to get de-shaped. For high muscle definition, we have to be very conscious and use every bit of help so that the excessive fats of body can be eliminated.

3. Wheat and Grains:

The practical experiments have shown that the cutting of Wheat and Gluten from the diet effects abruptly in reducing weight and fat. Surprised? Actually, the wheat products also contain the sufficient amount of sugar that has the same effect on the body as table sugar. However, it seems impossible to eliminate wheat from one’s diet but attempts can be made to minimize the use.

4. Simple Sweets containing simple Sugar:

It has been said that who controls his insulin and blood sugar levels can win over obesity and ensure high muscle definition. Plan sugar is one of the major sources of fat accumulation in the body that’s why Kobe Journal of Medical Sciences made it very clear that whoever aspires high muscle definition will have to leave the simple sugars because they not only accumulates fat but also prevents the breakdown of existing fats by rising the insulin in the body. That’s why nutritionists recommends that one must take digestive drinks after the exercises instead of juices and other cold drinks containing sugar as their essential ingredients.

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5. Protein Powder:

Protein Powder is also one of the major hindrances in reducing the excessive fats from the body. Recent studies have shown that the proteins stimulate certain hormones which secrets insulin that increases the level of sugar in the blood and preventing degeneration of fats and other carbohydrates. So, for the high definition muscles, leave protein shakes and go for simpler diet that is essential and not luxury.

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