10 Human Body Myths That you Probably Believe

 10 Human Body Myths That you Probably Believe

Human Body MythsA number of human body myths have been passed on by our forefathers. We have grown up believing them but it might surprise you that many of them are wrong. We will show you 10 human body myths which you probably believe but are not true.

1. We only use 10% of our human brain

William James a psychologist in 1980’s came up with his theory that humans use only 10% of the brain. People have believed since then that rest of the 90% of human brain has simply no use. This myth is false because the neurons that are inactive at the time are equally important. The entire brain is used but at a time only 10% of the brain is used and different parts of brains are used at different times.

2. Different  areas of tongue taste different things

Another human body myth is that taste buds on the tongue at different parts taste different things like sour, sweet bitter etc is false. Every part of tongue can taste every type and this false idea that prevails is due to mistranslation of a tongue map by Harvard professor of a German paper.

3. Conditioners and shampoos cure split ends

This myth is false. Once split ends occur there is no cure apart from cutting your hair. Conditioners and shampoos can prevent split ends in the first place but they cannot make them vanish once they occur.

4. Your hair grows back darker and thicker after shaving

This is false myth. Uncut hair looks lighter because they have exposure to the sun. Cut hair when grow in the first place might look darker because they do not yet have exposure to sun.

5. Finger nails and hair continue to grow after death

Finger nails and hair do not continue growing. What actually happens is that the cuticles and skin shrink after death and appears as if hair and nails are lengthening.

6. If you go out in a wet freezing weather you will catch a cold

No empirical research supports this misconception. Viruses are more common in the low humidity time of winter and of course, people are gathered indoors more, so they spread easily. Body’s resistance lowers in the winters and one you go out your body fails to fight infection and temporary sneezing and coughing might start.

7. Sugar makes children hyperactive

This has been assumed for ages that when parents give their children sugary drinks, chocolates and sweets in large quantities they become hyperactive. Twelve controlled, double blind trials have proved that children’s behavior has simply no connection with their sugar in take. Hence it is another human body myth which is false.

8. Warts can be caught by animals like toads

Parents often assume that if their children play with toads they may catch warts. This human body myth is false because warts in humans are caused by viruses that affect only humans. The bumps on toad’s skin are glands not warts so let your children play with animal because this human body myth is not true.

9. Men think of sex every 7 seconds:

This is another human body myth which we probably believe is true. Think again! If this were true how will men do work that needs concentration. Empirical research has proved that this figure of 7 second is a huge exaggeration.

10. Reading in the dark will ruin your eyes:

Dim light can never ruin your eyes. The outstanding resilience of the human eye, dim light cannot hurt your eyes. However your eyes have to do a little more effort to read in dim light so there might be chances that prolonged reading in dark might affect your retina at some point in life. So this human body myth is also false.

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