Gym Workout Routine

 Gym Workout Routine

Nowadays, life has become very hectic and if you are looking for a good workout plan then you are already ahead of a lot of people attempting to lose weight or trying to adopt a healthy life style because you know that healthy workout routine is necessary for overall health.

The first step in how to find a good workout routine is to know what your goals are. Another workout programme is to think of the activities you enjoy the most and do you prefer social or personal time on your own?

These questions will help you plan a similar workout routine according to your lifestyle. Usually, any kind of workout programme requires 30 minutes which you can do at home or at gym. However, do whatever suits you:

According to this workout routine, if you are looking for a weight and fat loss, you will want to find a workout plan that is a combination of cardio and strength exercises. These exercises help you burn fat and help in building muscles which in turn boosts your metabolism for effective calorie burning.

For this workout programme a good split for weight/fat loss would be to have 3-4 days of cardio and core strengthening while still implementing at least two days of strength training. For weight loss you should have an aim for 12-14 repetitions and keep your rest periods 30 seconds.

Workout programme emphasis on lean muscle mass which focus on strength training with weights. Cardio exercises are also a good addition and allow you build endurance with your weight training. A good split for increasing lean muscle mass will be to go up to 5 days a week with weight training and include 1-2 days cardio as well.

Mixing up the gym workout plan shows that after you have determined the cardio/strength training blend that is right for your goals you can decide if you prefer a gym, home, or outdoors exerciser. Some people prefer the social aspects of a gym since you can take classes and meet people, or even have a trainer assist you.

Others prefer to work out at home but there is a chance that you end up doing improper exercise. Ask someone with experience to show you the right way to do things the first time around.

Good Luck!

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