Grand Marnier Mussel Stew

 Grand Marnier Mussel Stew

Grand Marnier Mussel StewGrand Marnier Mussel Stew was a recipe that was created for a contest given to San Francisco chefs for alternate food creations for Thanks Giving. This mussel stew being an alternative for the traditional clam chowder.

The recipe is in two movements: a fume with mussels in alcohol and cream based soup with potatoes and vegetables.


4 tbsp. Butter

½ c Bacon or salt pork or barbecued tofu depending on your pleasure, chopped

½ c each carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, parsley, chopped fine

2 cloves garlic, smashed & chopped

1 tbs. Each oregano & thyme

Dash saffron, curry. & fresh cracked pepper

5 lbs. Mussels

1 cup each brandy and Grand Mariner


    • Melt the butter; put in the spices. meat or meat substitute, and sauté the vegetables in descending order of toughness.
    • When onions are clear and carrots are soft, dump in Mussels.
    • Don’t bother to clean the shells … adds more flavor. Pour in liquor cover to steam.
    • Remove Mussels when shells open and meat begins to coalesce. Don t over cook. Place in a pan to cool. Allow fume to simmer. You want to reduce the fume by ½. Remove Mussel meat from shells, discard beard, and save meat.

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