Simple ways to be active

 Simple ways to be active

Man gets tire after paying hard duties or affairs of life. So it is understood that he finds no time in his busy routine for exercise and join gym to maintain his mental or physical health. Here it is necessary to mention that your fitness is not slave of gym by implementing on some simple ways you can get rid of mental or physical fatigue, depression, stress, laziness and many other diseases.

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Use bike for going to office. As we know due to high prices of fuel or transport fares we spend a lot of our salary on them, but still get late cause of rush or traffic jam. So use bike for fitness and you need no more exercise and also save your time.

If you want to live fit and active, avoid using lift or elevator and trying to use stairs. It will boost your metabolism and potential level and you will feel active till go back to home.

One of the best ways to get active or kill the stress is to get out from home and go for camping once in a week. Your local camp ground is the perfect getaway which will help you relax and recharge your energy.

Weekends are the golden opportunity for you to boost your strength. Never spend your weekends at home, find some healthy activities on sea side or mountains. Keep busy yourself in some adventurous activities with your family or friends. You will feel great knowing you did something positive for your health.

Spend your evening with your pets like cats or dogs. Walk or run with your pets at least 15-20 mints daily, enjoy their company and also keep yourself fit and active.

If you have spare time, look at glance on home renovation project. It can be quite a bit of work. But it will give you new energy, strength and keep you active.  Simple ways to be active

If you do not like sports then take up gardening. Gardening is the best way to get active and energetic. Yard work is one of the top calorie burning activities around, so must work once in your yard in a week for your fitness and also get your yard in top shape. When you will visit into your beautiful garden, see the colorful flowers and breathe in its fresh air, you feel pleasant and also receive appreciations by your friends and family.

To enhance your abilities and active you, take part in sports and games. This is a great way to test your skills again, challenge your fitness level and meet others who have similar interests.

Spend more time in your nearly park or ground and set a time for regular walk. In which time you watch the T.V or movies or chat with friends on computer. Save your that time and walk with friend or also can listen music. It will give you marvelous feelings.

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You also should take notice on your diet chart. Increase the use of salad or green vegetables. Take fresh juice of fruits for energy. As experts say healthy mind needs healthy diet. So take proteins and calcium in your meal and keep healthy and active.

Experts and researchers say that 6 cups of cold water a day can raise resting metabolism by about 50 calories daily – enough to shed 5 pounds in a year. Drinking lots of water will make keep your bladder active.

Body message is a great way to be relaxed and active. To pamper your partner through message not only your partner will feel relax but it’s also a great way to tone your arms.

If you have no time for gym or its activities are painful to you, no worry, just get a little creative to get rid of your sedentary life. Buy some fitness DVD’s or just log on to YouTube to access endless dance workout videos to stay fit and healthy.

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