How to Use a Rowing Machine

 How to Use a Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine PicturesIf you are looking for a machine which has both options of cardiovascular and strength building then rowing machine is what you need to workout. Rowing machine is not a very difficult machine to understand and can be used to build any part of the body. If you know how to use rowing machine then you can build your arms and legs muscles according to your need. One thing should always be kept in mind before workouts do warm up. Follow following tips and know how to use rowing machine.


First of all you have to select the rowing machine. Best rowing machine is concept 2 rowing machine. This is not hard to find. You can get this machine for around $900. It is very efficient machine to workout. If you find this machine expensive then you can always opt for second hand rowing machines.

Rowing machine strokes

Rowing machine stroke has main 4 phases which includes firstly the drive then finish then recovery and its last phase is the catching position for workout.

Start rowing machine

First of all sit on rowing machine. Place your feet in foot pads and hands on the grip. Spread your arms towards the flywheel while keeping your wrist flat. Make your shin vertical by moving a little forward.

Drive position

Now start the phase of driving on rowing machine by pushing your legs against the pads. You have to keep your arms and back straight and firm as you are applying power to the handles. When your knees are straighten, move your upper body back and bend your arms. Finish this phase by slightly backward leaning.

Finish position

Now the finish positions for rowing machine, for this you have to bend your elbows and try to tug handle towards your abdomen. Lean slightly back on hips while extending your legs.

Recovery position

Now it is the time to do opposite of finish position on a rowing machine. You have to extend your arms unlike in finish position and meanwhile taking the handle back towards the flywheel. After this bend your knees again while sliding forward on seat retaining the initial position.

Catch position

Catch position is similar to the initial position in which your arms are extended straight and your wrist is flat. Slide forward till your shins are vertical and lean a bit forward and now you are ready to go for a second stroke on your rowing machine.


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