For outdoor fitness equipment consider Leg Press

fitness_equipmentOutdoor fitness equipment can be fun since it allows you to enjoy nature while working your muscles. Leg press combines much muscle movement for any Outdoor fitness equipment.

Outdoor fitness equipment leg press is one of the most important since it involves some of the most powerful parts of the muscular system. This Outdoor fitness equipment provides three Leg Press positions, each with a different level of resistance. The exercise from this Outdoor fitness equipment places exacting emphasis on the quadriceps and gluteal muscles. Most individuals will perform a large number of repetitions, perhaps as many as 20 to 30, on this Outdoor fitness equipment which introduces greater cardiovascular benefit to compliment the power development in the legs.

The Outdoor Leg Press equipment is built of heavy gauge steel, making this and Outdoor fitness equipment very durable.

Body Position on this Outdoor fitness equipment is that you sit on the machine with your back and head against the padded support. Place feet on the foot plate of this Outdoor fitness equipment about hip width apart, ensuring the heels are flat. The legs should form an angle of about 90 degrees at the knee with a little variation either way as long as the heels sit flat on the plate of this Outdoor fitness equipment.

In this Outdoor fitness equipment grasp the assist handles. Ensure a full range of motion is possible without raising the hips from the seat on this Outdoor fitness equipment. Take time to adjust the seat for best position on this Outdoor fitness equipment. While using this Outdoor fitness equipment don’t allow the knees to bow outward or inward. Keep them in line with the feet.

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