Elliptical trainer, an all-rounder fitness equipment

Nowadays Elliptical trainer is more liked than treadmill in households and at commercial gyms. It is the new fitness equipment which promises a more vigorous and complete workout.

Elliptical trainer provides an oval movement that reduces the stresses and impacts associated with other forms of exercise such as running, or using exercise bikes and other types of fitness equipment. As well as protecting joints from strain, shear and compression type injuries, the Elliptical trainer also ensures that any movement required minimal co-ordination, and involved a maximum proportion of the lower body large muscle groups in order to help encourage aerobic fitness gains and efficient fat burning. In Elliptical trainer the feet perform an ellipse, whose long axis is aligned roughly analogous to the ground.

The cross trainer was born, and with the addition of upper body handles to work the chest back and arms, it quickly evolved into the elliptical trainer! Today, home-use Elliptical trainer is almost as well-liked in fitness equipment as treadmills.
Features To Look Out For in an Elliptical trainer
  • The Braking system – almost all elliptical trainers use magnetic braking.
  • Lower Body Movement Feel – the feel of an Elliptical trainer is very subjective. Ideally it should feel smooth throughout the range of movement, not jerky or bumpy.
  • Upper Body Movement Feel – the handles of Elliptical trainer should be comfortable to grip and without significant play as the handles change direction.
  • Ellipse Stride length adjustment – some Elliptical trainers allow you to shorten or lengthen the stride, making it easier to match the machine’s movement to your own natural stride pattern.
  • Console feedback and ease of use – how clear and comprehensive is the displayed information of Elliptical trainer? How easy it is to access programs? Are the buttons clearly visible and easy to use on the Elliptical trainer?
  • The Maximum workload – how much workload can the Elliptical trainer provide when used flat out?
  • Elliptical Programs – some Elliptical trainers can offer variety and motivation by simulating various hill courses, allowing you to create your own or by controlling your heart rate.
  • Power type – some elliptical trainers are self-powered whilst others require a mains connection.

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