Build A Budget Friendly Home Gym

 Build A Budget Friendly Home Gym

Budget GymI not only do personal training and teach classes at a fitness club, but also travel to client’s homes, apartments, and corporate offices to offer the same services. When I’m training clients at their homes, one of the many questions I ask before we get started is if they have any fitness equipment. I will never turn away clients if they don’t have any, because as you know, I have plenty of workouts that just involve your body weight. But as my clients get stronger, begin to train regularly, and commit to a healthy lifestyle, I always suggest that they invest in a few pieces of equipment.

Budget gymThis will be the first post of a series of “How to Build Your Home Gym”…the budget friendly version! What I like about these choices is that they are not only very inexpensive, but you can take most of them to the park, on road trips, and even on an airplane. I have done a lot of research on buying home gym equipment and have found that Amazon has the best prices. I also love how their reviews are very descriptive. But if you do not want to order online, you can always go to whatever sporting good store is in your neighborhood.

The Budget Friendly Home Gym Top Five

Stability Ball:

Make sure that you order the correct size for your height. I love my stability ball and it is great for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. There are tons of exercises you can do with this ball. Definitely one of the top choices on my list.

Resistance Bands:

I recommend buying these as a package, so that you can have a variety of ‘weights’, i.e. resistance, to meet your skill level.

Jump Rope:

You would think a jump rope would be cheap, but the good ones are not and it is definitely worth investing a few more dollars in a nice jump rope that will hold up to wear and tear.

Yoga Mat + Yoga Block + Strap:

You can find all of these anywhere nowadays. The yoga mat is great for protecting your hands and back; the yoga block is a great prop for core exercises and stretching; and the strap is phenomenal for stretching at the end of your workout!


Love Kettlebels! There are so many exercises that you can do with one, and they are relatively inexpensive. You can do a whole workout with a kettlebell, so it’s a great tool to have with you.

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