Ankle and Wrist Weights

 Ankle and Wrist Weights

Ankle and Wrist WeightsAnkle and Wrist weights are developed from comfortable and durable materials which can easily be fitted on anyone’s skin. They are cheap, small and adjustable and can be worn anywhere and anytime, be it office or home while doing housework.

Ankle and wrist weights are good for losing weight at a faster rate. Ankle weights particularly perform various functions. People can either simply wear them during working hours or in order to get maximum results, they could wear them while exercising in order to raise resistance power and to reduce calories. Effective results can be attained if more weights are added while performing various movements especially during pull-ups and leg raising motions. Moreover, ankle weights can be used during any type of exercise movements and motions without the risk of tightness as they are not fitted over any muscle areas.

Wrist weights on the other hand are great for men who want to build their muscles. They are even a perfect substitute for dumbbells and can just like ankle weights be worn anywhere and anytime during the daily routine work. They are particularly considered to be effective for cross-training or to increase strength. Moreover wrist weights like ankle weights are highly portable commodities and similarly their effectiveness can be increased by adding weights or using them during times of exercise.

However despite their effectiveness, a word of caution is in due for the users and those who are considering to purchase ankle and wrist weights. Most people wear ankle and wrist weights regularly and use them rigorously during extensive walking, running, swimming or even when practicing boxing or karate to increase their resistance. However extensive use of ankle and wrist weights can be harmful to the body.

Too much pressure on body parts and incurrence of resistance by ankle and wrist weights can tear the ligaments as well as your muscles. Hence, beginners are cautioned not to use ankle and wrist weight during times of rigorous exercise rather they should start slowly and then gradually after being better able to endure resistance and pressure increase their exercise movements.

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