Depressions Among Men

 Depressions Among Men

depressionMen face with different kinds of depression which are easy to identify than others; marriage breakdown, divorce, work issues, loneliness etc but sometimes this depression can strike out of the blue. There are certain depressions among men which need to be sorted out.

It is believed that depression is more in women than in men, no matter where in the world they are, their race, ethnicity or social class. However, it is noted that depressions among men has made them more aware about it and they are more expressive about it as compare to women.Signs of depression in men differ in many ways even though both have same standards.

Men report feelings of fatigue, frustration, irritability, loss of concentration, sleep disturbance and loss of interest in work and social activities, rather than the emotional losses which women go through every time.

Understanding depression in men is must as women tend to seek treatment whereas men often try to divert it by burying their hands in diverse activities which may involve recklessness also. It has been observed that depressions among men lead to suicidal attempts as it has been seen in United States.

Signs of depression in men and their treatment involve counselling, psychotherapy or a support group. Group work allows you to see that there are lots of people experiencing the things you are and this can be very therapeutic. Another solution for depressions among men involves antidepressant medicines which can be used according to the doctor’s prescriptions. You can also go for ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) may be suggested.

If you are having symptoms of depression or know someone who is, seek help. There are several places in most communities where people with depressive disorders can be diagnosed and treated. Help is available from family doctors, mental health specialists in mental health clinics or private clinics, and from other health professionals.

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