Bodybuilding Tips

 Bodybuilding Tips

bodybuilding-tipsWhen it comes to men’s fitness, building body is something which takes a lot of time. You need to plan how many days in a week you are going to workout, which exercise you will include etc.

Follow some of our bodybuilding tips and watch your body transforming into an ideal physique.

Lift heavier weights

Create a major difference on your level of muscle gain. It is necessary that you lift heavier weights in the muscle gaining bodybuilding workout program to gain muscle. At one point if you feel that you get stuck and aren’t able to bump the weight up higher that is when you start fixing men’s fitness strategies like drop sets, super sets etc., to increase the body potential, so that you can reach the next weight level.

Learn from your failures

Learning from your failures is another tip to be fit. Some believe that lifting to the full exhaustion in a single set is the best way to build muscle. It is true that you have to push the muscle beyond your comfort level but it can lead to many problems like draining out your Central Nervous System. Another problem is if you do this in the first exercise, you won’t be able to it after that.

Fitness for men can be resumed, if men aim to go one to two reps which will help their body push hard at the intensity level needed to build muscle but it won’t completely exhaust them.

Concentrate on compound exercises

Third bodybuilding tip of the day is to concentrate on compound exercises. Keeping in view your time and body constraints, you should follow the rule that most of your workout you will do exercises that work at least two muscle groups. The shoulder press exercise will work the shoulders and the triceps. The squat will work the quads and the hamstrings. The compound exercises will help you build muscle easily.

Eat properly

Fourth bodybuilding tip is to make sure that you eat properly before and after the workout. When you are developing muscles, your body needs amino acids to synthesize new muscle mass with or carb intake which provide new muscle tissue. Men’s fitness also relies on flexibility of meals for 100 per cent muscle development.

Plateau busting

Fifth bodybuilding tip is about plateau busting. If you have reached a point in your workout where it feels that you are not gaining any muscle, it means that you are in a plateau. Plateau refers to a point in time which reflects that you haven’t made any progress in weeks, a workout which involves wasted gym effort and time.

To regain men’s fitness, you need to make sure that your program is always changing. This could be your performing order, type of exercises you are taking etc.

Take rest

Sixth tip is to take rest. Do not make the mistake of training too hard without allowing time for recovery. Take one day off between each weight lifting exercise and if you are doing upper/lower split then make sure you have two full days off a week.

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