Grow Mushrooms in Indoor Home Garden

 Grow Mushrooms in Indoor Home Garden

grow-mushrooms-in-indoor-home-gardenThe idea of growing mushroom as a home garden might appear weird and strange to many gardeners but there is a possibility to grow them. These delicious fungi can be grown indoors at home. Here are tips on how to grow, home garden of mushrooms.

For many gardeners the idea to grow mushrooms in home garden seems, to be a strange one but you need not to worry. These home garden mushrooms can do wonders and are much tastier than the tinned mushrooms. You can set up your own area for growing mushrooms.

You can grow various kinds of mushrooms in your home garden; popular choices are shiitake, oyster and white button mushrooms. Usually spores and spawn are considered as seeds and seedlings. Shitake mushrooms are grown on hardwoods, oyster on straw whereas white buttons are grown on composted manure.

How to gardening, the mushrooms depend upon your choice of mushroom, mushroom growth at home requires a cool and damp place like a basement or an unused closet.  Place the spawn on the growing medium and in three weeks you will see that spawn rooted. The room temperature should be between 55F and 60 F. Then cover the spawn with an inch. Cover the soil and pan with a damp cloth and spray the cloth with water as it dries.

How to grow mushrooms is not a difficult option as you will see in next three to four weeks small mushrooms growing and will be ready for harvesting when their cap has become fully opened and separated from the stem.

Growing mushrooms in home garden is a fun time activity and you would find a better flavoured mushroom which you will ever find in store.

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