Groom Kills His Bride, Mother-In-Law & Himself Hours After Wedding Ceremony

 Groom Kills His Bride, Mother-In-Law & Himself Hours After Wedding Ceremony

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In a tragic incident in northeast Thailand, a newlywed groom fatally shot his bride, her mother, her sister, and another guest at their wedding reception before taking his own life. The horrific event, which also left another guest injured, occurred just hours after the couple’s wedding ceremony.

The groom, 29-year-old Chaturong Suksuk, and his bride, 44-year-old Kanchana Pachunthuek, had earlier celebrated their nuptials on Saturday with a traditional morning wedding, followed by feasting and a party. However, guests reported to The Bangkok Post that Suksuk seemed visibly unhappy during the reception that evening, per the BBC

The celebration continued into the night, during which Suksuk, who was reportedly heavily intoxicated, abruptly left the scene. He returned shortly afterward, armed with a pistol from his car. In a shocking turn of events, he opened fire, killing his bride, her mother, 62-year-old Kingthong Klajoho, and her sister, 38-year-old Kornnipa Manato.

A stray bullet fatally wounded a 50-year-old guest, Thong Nonkhunthod, who later succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. Another guest, 28-year-old Bamrung Chatherat, was seriously injured and hospitalized. Following the shootings, Suksuk turned the gun on himself, ending his life, as reported by The Bangkok Post.

Suksuk, a former marine soldier who had lost a leg in a train accident while on duty, was a silver medalist in swimming at the 11th Asean Para Games in Indonesia the previous year. He was also scheduled to compete in the upcoming World Abilitysport Games 2023.

According to CBS News, Suksuk had legally purchased the gun and ammunition used in the shooting last year. Police investigating the crime scene found 11 spent 9mm cartridges, indicating the extent of the gunfire.

The couple, who had been living together for three years before getting married, had an argument on their wedding day, which is being considered as a possible motive for the shooting. The police are continuing their investigation into the incident, including the nature of the dispute between the couple that led to this tragic outcome.

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