Gresso Pandora – USB Flash Drive

 Gresso Pandora – USB Flash Drive

gresso-pandora-usb-flash-driveGresso is a manufacturer of luxury Tech gadgets like phone, iphone, flash drives etc. Gresso company is pleased to introduce an exclusive USB Flash Drive Collection “Pandora” – the first luxury device equipped with finger print scanning detector. This is not the only pecularity: USB Flash Drive Pandora has the largest possible memory capacity – 64 Gb.
Brilliant design of USB Flash Drive Pandora meets no compromises – exclusive information deserves to be kept in an exclusive device.

This collection is represented by two models:

Pandora in Black is executed of 200 year old African Blackwood and 18K gold. The case of it is crowned with a splendid white diamond of 0,10 K. An outstanding feature of the design is a LED flashing from beneath the diamond to let each facet shine with a magic blue radiance. 9999 USD.

Pandora in Red is executed of African Red wood and silver. The case is incrusted with a ravishing ruby. 999 USD.


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