Fourth Stimulus Check Payment for Texan Families Could Be On the Way

 Fourth Stimulus Check Payment for Texan Families Could Be On the Way

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Despite the stimulus check, several advocates and legislators have stated that the American Rescue Plan has failed miserably in rescuing families. Since the beginning of the pandemic, these families have been struggling, prompting many proposals for a recurring and fourth stimulus plan to be developed.

Jeremy Fay, a local realtor in Central Texas, has indicated that even two years into the pandemic, most of the families he has helped get home have struggled to keep afloat despite the stimulus money. They could be in big trouble now that the government isn’t paying them.

Texan Families Need A Stimulus Check

Fay went on to say that, without a doubt, most families were struggling to keep afloat during these trying times. As it was, the majority of the families were VA and FHA buyers, and thus lived in the area. There were also military duty men who, with a little help from the realtor, would be eligible for housing projects. With the constant rise in housing prices, another stimulus check payment was required, or the majority of people would be forced to become homeless.

As per Digitalmarketnews, legislators have claimed that the key idea for a monthly $2,000 stimulus check payment would last indefinitely until the pandemic was finished.

Professor Rob Tennant of Texas A&M Central Texas Economics, on the other hand, believes that while a fourth payment is doable, regular payments are not. He stated that legislators would have a lot more money to work with, which would undoubtedly drive inflation higher and harder, while also producing greater shortages.

Rob Tennant went on to say that the Biden administration’s focus on infrastructure expenditure was already a major driver of economic growth, with the enormous investments in projects ensuring that people were put back to work. It remains to be seen whether another stimulus check payment is required.

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