Florida Woman had 100-lb ovarian cyst surgically removed, allowing her to “feel like a person again”

 Florida Woman had 100-lb ovarian cyst surgically removed, allowing her to “feel like a person again”


Allison Fisher, a 20-year-old woman from Florida, had a 45-kg (100-pound) ovarian cyst legally removed. Ms. Fisher felt like she was carrying ten children due to the size of the bulk. She was also unable to see her feet or lean over.

According to the Daily Mail, Ms. Fisher suffered from bloating and stomach pain on a daily basis. Nonetheless, despite her symptoms, she put off having a checkup.

According to the New York Post, Ms. Fisher avoided seeing a doctor because her health worries were disregarded as being linked to her weight. She later realized, however, that her condition was severe.

In fact, she felt something was wrong when she was only 14 years old. However, she was only told to drop weight and was advised to join others who are dieting.

Her menstrual cycle also had irregularities. Her period began when she was 17 years old. The period lasted a year and then came to an end. It later returned as an exceedingly heavy rush. Ms. Fisher has never had normal menstruation. Ms. Fisher did, in fact, have a year-long time in 2020.

Ms. Fisher told News4Jax that she began noticing how some people used social media to discuss their menstrual period problems and ovarian masses. She then recognized something was wrong with her abdomen.

Ms. Fisher noticed that it was hard as a stone when she examined it closer. Her innards felt like they were being crushed. She also appeared to be gravely pregnant. Ms. Fisher was also unable to drive due to the extent of the tumor. She also couldn’t stand for more than five minutes.

Her mother was diagnosed with cancer in early 2021, prompting the finding of the tumor. The ovary tumor was 20 by 20 inches in size. It was about the size of an XL watermelon or an exercise ball. Ovarian cancer weighted more than 45 kg in total. This was one-fifth of Ms. Fisher’s entire bodily weight.

Cyst Removal

Her ovarian cancer was found by scans, but it was not malignant. Dr. Martin Martino, an Ascension St. Vincent’s gynecologic oncologist, rushed Ms. Fisher to the hospital’s emergency department shortly after the finding. Dr. Martino claims that Ms. Fisher was out of breath when they met in the ER. Cardiology and respiratory experts were on board her helicopter.

Ms. Fisher considers cyst excision to be a life-saving procedure that allowed her to “feel like a person again.” She can now see her feet, something she hasn’t been able to do in years. She could also stand for extended periods of time, wear clothes, and engage in other regular activities.

Ms. Fisher stated that she had to work hard to recover her strength after the ovarian cyst fractured her back. She is also learning to drive and preparing for a gastric bypass procedure to address her weight issues.

Ms. Fisher weighed 500 pounds before the cyst removal operations. Following the surgery, the weight was reduced to 400 pounds. She wishes to attain a healthy weight of 150 to 200 pounds.

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