Inquest Uncovers Heartbreaking Details of Pregnant Teacher’s Tragic End due to Medication Misunderstanding

 Inquest Uncovers Heartbreaking Details of Pregnant Teacher’s Tragic End due to Medication Misunderstanding

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A Pregnant Primary School Teacher Who Suffered From The Same Extreme Morning Sickness As The Princess Of Wales Tragically Killed Herself After Receiving Inadequate Medical Care, An Inquest Has Found.

As reported by Daily Mail, Jessica Cronshaw, 26, from Accrington, Lancashire, was expecting her first child with her partner Eddie Leck when she developed hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), a condition that causes severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. She was “over-the-moon” about her pregnancy, but the constant sickness left her feeling “reduced to a shell” and depressed, the inquest heard.

She was prescribed medication to ease her symptoms but was wrongly told by a midwife that it could harm her unborn baby, leading her to reduce her dosage. She also felt that her doctors and midwives did not listen to her concerns or ask her about her mental health, despite her telling them that she was feeling “down”. On February 8, 2022, her mother Susan Cronshaw found her hanged in her bedroom at the family home.

She was rushed to hospital, where her daughter Elsie was delivered by emergency cesarean, but neither of them survived. Coroner Kate Bisset concluded that Miss Cronshaw died by suicide and that her medical care “contributed to a deterioration in her mental health” that led to her “impulsive” decision to end her life.

She said: “Jessica was a young woman who had everything to live for. She was a successful primary school teacher, she had a loving partner and a supportive family, and she was looking forward to becoming a mother. “However, she developed a condition that is not uncommon in pregnancy but can have a devastating impact on the physical and mental well-being of the mother.

“She was not given the appropriate information, advice, and support that she needed to cope with her condition. She was not asked about her mental health or offered any psychological help. She was not treated with the compassion and respect that she deserved. “She felt that no one was listening to her, or understood how she was feeling. She felt hopeless and helpless, and that there was no way out of her suffering.

“She made a tragic and irreversible decision that ended her life and that of her unborn child. This was a preventable death and a terrible loss for her family and friends.” Miss Cronshaw’s partner, Mr Leck, said after the inquest: “Jessica was the love of my life, and Elsie was our miracle baby. We were so excited to start our family together, but we were robbed of that chance by a system that failed us.

“Jessica was a strong, brave, and beautiful woman, who always put others before herself. She was an amazing teacher, who touched the lives of so many children. She deserved so much better than what she got. “We hope that by speaking out about what happened to her, we can raise awareness of HG and its impact on mental health, and prevent other families from going through the same pain that we have.

“We also hope that the NHS will learn from this case, and improve the care and support that they provide to pregnant women who suffer from HG. No one should have to suffer in silence, or feel that they have no choice but to end their life.”

Her loved ones have raised approximately USD 59,000 in a JustGiving fundraiser in Cronshaw’s honor. Donors have left words of support.

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