Father of Two Loses Sight After Unprovoked Bar Assault, Undergoes Removal of 40 Glass Shards From Eyes

 Father of Two Loses Sight After Unprovoked Bar Assault, Undergoes Removal of 40 Glass Shards From Eyes

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A devastating incident left a man completely blind after an unprovoked attack in a Leeds city center bar, Revolución de Cuba, last Boxing Day. Matthew Syron, 32, formerly a player for the Leeds Rhinos rugby team and a business owner, suffered irreversible damage to his sight when Gareth Dean, 37, assaulted him with a glass.

Dean, who was intoxicated with 15 pints of beer, and vodka, and under the influence of cocaine, launched the attack that has since transformed Matthew’s life into a struggle for independence. The repercussions of this attack extend far beyond physical injuries, as Matthew, who had relocated to Australia years before the incident, finds himself ensnared in a web of dependency and despair.

The assault not only halted his plans to return to his family and business in Australia but also forced him into a life of reliance, likening his situation to that of a “32-year-old baby.” The daily tasks that many take for granted, such as brushing teeth or dressing, have become insurmountable challenges for him, told Metro.

In his police statement, Matthew expressed the profound impact of the attack on his life and family. The assault has not only jeopardized his business but has also placed a significant strain on his family, who suffer from his absence and the financial instability it has caused. The once-independent man now faces each day with a heavy heart, loathing his newfound reliance on others for basic needs.

Dean, from Elm Tree Close in Colton, was subsequently apprehended and faced justice at Leeds Crown Court, where he pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent. Despite his history of violent behavior, Dean’s actions that fateful night have led to nearly 11 years of imprisonment. The court learned about Dean’s lengthy criminal background, including assaults and robberies, painting a picture of a man whose life has been marred by violence and substance abuse.

During the trial, it was revealed that the attack appeared to be premeditated, with Dean deliberately positioning himself to strike Matthew in the face with the glass. The court also heard about the attacker’s expressed remorse, albeit a small consolation for Matthew and his family, who continue to grapple with the life-altering consequences of that night.

Matthew’s journey following the attack has been fraught with medical interventions, including surgery to remove glass fragments from his eyes and numerous stitches. With his left eye unlikely to undergo surgery for over a year and the potential need for a transplant, Matthew’s vision remains severely compromised, with only the ability to perceive light and blurred shapes.

The uncertainty surrounding his future eyesight only adds to the torment of his current predicament. This tragic story underscores the devastating and far-reaching effects of senseless violence, leaving an indelible mark on the victim’s life and casting a long shadow over his and his family’s future.

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