Ex-Tennessee Titans Scout Charged with Fatal Poisoning of Girlfriend and Unborn Child

 Ex-Tennessee Titans Scout Charged with Fatal Poisoning of Girlfriend and Unborn Child

(Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)

A 27-year-old college football coach finds himself at the center of a tragic and alarming case, as recent developments link him to the untimely demise of his pregnant girlfriend, who tragically passed away on her 25th birthday in 2023.

Details released by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department shed light on the sequence of events surrounding the incident. On the fateful night of February 25, 2023, Blaise Taylor, aged 27, placed a distress call to 911, expressing concern that his girlfriend, Jade Benning, was experiencing symptoms akin to an allergic reaction. Benning was swiftly transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center via ambulance. However, despite medical efforts, both Benning and her unborn 5-month-old fetus succumbed to the ordeal. Benning’s own passing occurred on March 6, 2023, marking a devastating conclusion to the ordeal.

Tragically, authorities were unable to gather any firsthand account from Benning prior to her demise, leaving investigators to piece together the circumstances surrounding her tragic passing. Subsequent investigations led authorities to allege that Taylor, during a visit to Benning’s apartment on February 25, administered poison to her without her knowledge, resulting in the fatal consequences that unfolded thereafter. Following these disturbing developments, Taylor reportedly relocated to Utah.

However, the long arm of the law caught up with him as Utah authorities apprehended him on the strength of a Nashville grand jury indictment. The indictment leveled against Taylor comprises two counts of first-degree murder. Plans are underway to facilitate Taylor’s return to Nashville, where legal proceedings await him.

Prior to these grim events, Taylor had carved out a career in football, initially as a player for Arkansas State from 2014 to 2017, before transitioning into a scouting role for the Tennessee Titans, as reported by the Nashville Tennessean. His professional journey also saw him serve as a defensive analyst at Utah State. Notably, Taylor’s ties to the football world deepened further with his recent appointment to the defensive staff at Texas A&M, a position within the same institution where his father holds a coaching role.

Meanwhile, Jade Benning’s obituary paints a picture of a vibrant and accomplished individual. After graduating from Brightwater Culinary Arts in 2020, she embarked on a career path as a head pastry chef and chef, eventually establishing her own catering venture, JTB Eatery.

The unfolding saga underscores the profound tragedy of lives lost prematurely and the chilling circumstances that can shatter the veneer of normalcy. As legal proceedings progress, the quest for justice intertwines with the grieving process for those affected by this heart-rending ordeal.

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