3 Fashion Tips for New Fathers

 3 Fashion Tips for New Fathers

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If you have just recently become a father and are starting out on your parenthood journey, there are most likely a lot of things you have questions about or need help with. Many things about your lifestyle will have to change, including your schedule, priorities, and where your money goes. One unexpected lifestyle change you may find yourself going through is the evolution of your fashion choices.

Not only will comfort become much more important to you when you become a Dad for the first time, but you will also begin to dress in a way that makes you look more, well, ‘Dad-like’. This isn’t a bad thing at all, but sometimes it can be a bit of an adjustment. If you’re in need of some pointers, you aren’t alone. Here are 3 fashion tips for new fathers.

Start Carrying A Bag

You don’t need to wait until you reach retirement age or move into an assisted living facility to start wearing a fanny pack. In fact, this is just one of the many helpful bag options that are available to help you carry around your parenting necessities.

You may have never been the type to carry a bag before, but that’s about to change! Having a place to keep diapers, baby wipes, toys, bottles, etc. will make your life a whole lot easier and soon you won’t be leaving home without your bag – whatever type you choose.

Bring A Change Of Clothes

If you’re heading out for the day with your baby in tow, one thing you’ll learn rather quickly is that it’s wise to bring a change of clothes with you. Accidents of all sorts can happen and you will find yourself being more concerned about trying to wear a shirt that isn’t covered in spit-up than whether or not it matches the rest of your outfit.

Keeping a change of extra clean clothes in the car for yourself, your partner, and your baby will come in handy more than once during the next 18 years.

Prioritize Comfort

Being a father is exhausting, especially if you are really hands-on. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself as well as your child and partner, and many times this means prioritizing comfort over style.

Dress in clothing that you will be fine wearing even if you don’t get a chance to change in between activities, or if you should happen to fall asleep in them. Once you’re a parent, all clothes are suitable nap clothes! Comfort is key.

Becoming a father is a very exciting milestone in life, so congratulations! Hopefully, these tips can help you ease into fatherhood in style.

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